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I’ll add to your list of hannibal memes! (can you really call them that tho? Idk.)

Sorry in advance for low image quality.

But srlsy this show tho

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ASDFGHJKL “A happy meal.”



Seriously: I already saw the usual “still not as good as Witcher III” - comments on reddit :unamused:


Still not as good as Witcher 3 cause it’s PS exclusive. Exclusives are harmful to the industry.


Honestly is better then witcher to me. Witcher 3 felt too open and not much happend unless you sought out side quest for hours. And not only that I didn’t have any incentive to do so due to the op’ness of the sign build if you play it smart so it felt empty



“I don’t have to outrun the wolves, I only have to outrun you. Bye Son”


You did NOT just…urk!


This is so relatable. Like, do you look up and smile? Do you say hello? What if you say hello and they don’t answer back? What if you don’t say hello and they say hello, leaving you feeling like an idiot?




Is it just me who loves it when someone is being passive aggressive and funny at the same time?


you should look up the notes left for noisy neighbor , and crappy parking! they are hilarious in the same way :smile:

like this one lol


@E_RedMark That is quite funny! Obviously the last one is gravely disappointed in today’s youth. :laughing:

And, for some reason, I find the following notes really cute:



Hmmmm :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: