The Funny Thread





Images are out of order so I deleted the post.





This is my fav. Both funny and relatable.

( Also @Okami-Nora what is the art in your icon? It’s wonderful! )


Let’s all be honest; this has happened at least once to someone.


If you’re talking about the howling wolf in the little circle, it’ from the webcomic Off-White (the character in the pic is Iki).

If you’re talking about the little person sitting on the grass looking at the fireflies in the rectangle, then I made it.


Okay I’ll stop with the cat memes in a bit, but…

This is my favorite one :laughing:





Omg I googled the webcomic and I’m hooked thank you for introducing me to this wonderful webcomic ily

Also, here’s a meme in swedish:



This one is for @Mary_Duffy



Can you keep the train going? I can: Can’t fool me, KGB


Agreed! The comic is really nice. I read it a year or so ago. :hugs:

About swedish memes.

Nothing beats the sarcasm in this one

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Fyi, it’s about Mondays and work. That’s all you need to know.









Apparently this place really love to screw around with their own sign. :laughing: