The Funny Thread




Hello my friends, guess who is back? (Moon is not dead despite what everyone will tell you!)




…I laugh at that picture, but it’s almost mind-blowingly funny (in a cosmic story of way) how people in the family will more often than not ALWAYS walk in during a fan-service scene. :sweat_smile:

So speaking of fan-service: The most accurate song about it.


Please tell me where this is from



Not sure where she’s singing this song, but Nancy Kepner (the singer) has done a few songs taking stabs at anime and I find them hilarious. You can see them on Youtube.

‘Explaining Anime To Your Parents’ is my actual favorite of the songs she’s sung about anime (sound quality isn’t too strong though).




This thread is probably the only thing keeping me alive rn :joy:



Edit: found a gif of a Roman legionaire fighting against Persian war beast




Why did the chicken cross the world?

to kill link


Everyone tried to have me play Battlefront 2, but I couldn’t get into it.

I guess I’m not a gambling man.






lol shouldn`t that be Battlefront 2


It should be, and now is.