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I thought that was a corndog without the stick.


…Did I just get rick-rolled by the Department of Justice? In 2017? From a piece of paper?

I feel so many things right now. :expressionless:

Onto my own sets of giggles though.


There’s a story I like to call “The Doctor and the Boat”

There was this doctor who attended a men’s group every Saturday. This group would do many things, from talking about and evaluating their lives to going bowling.
One weekend, this group has a sex therapist scheduled to speak. However, at the last minute, he cancels.

Stuck for something to fill the time slot, the group asks the doctor to speak instead. It made sense: he was educated in the ways of the human body, and he could read and write which put him above about half of them. He was nervous, having to speak in front of all his friends, but it all goes well.

The doctor returned home to his wife, Therese, reading in bed. When he gets back, she asks him “how did your group go?”

Doc: “Pretty well, they actually asked me to speak.”

Therese (with interest and encouragement): “Really, what did you talk about?”

Now the doc gets a bit embarrassed. He doesn’t want to tell his wife about what he gave a speech on. Then he remembers that he owned a boat and had been on it a few times, so he told her “Well, boating. I told them about boating.”

Therese (with some skepticism): “Really…huh.”

Now they go to sleep and days go by. After a while, Therese goes to the grocery store and meets the wife of another one of the members of the men’s group Jeanette.

Jeanette: “Hey, your husband talked at the men’s group, didn’t he?”

Therese: “Yes, he told me all about that!”

Jeanette (with a coy grin): “Your husband really knows his stuff, doesn’t he?”

Therese (confused): “Really? Well, to be honest…I never thought he was all that good at it. I mean, the first time his hat blew off, and the second time he threw up! And then he swore, he would never. Do it. Again!”




Daffy Duck, speaking to Bugs Bunny:

“You’re despicable.”


"What did you say, doc?"



This was great. :smile:
A few DnD players I’ve known throughout the years made this clip very enjoyable.




Japanese Kung fu cats


Let me show you to the real Reddit