The Funny Thread




Ok I laughed way too hard at this, luckily I wasn’t in class



I cannot-- XD




Not exactly funny. But very relatable

I don’t understand why this made me laugh. But laugh I did.








10/10 anime was not a mistake.



Ok just in case no one’s played Wind Waker, here’s a little context:

Link (the boy in the barrel) had gone off with a pirate crew led by Tetra (little girl with permanent look of shock in the comic short) in order to save his recently kidnapped sister. The place was heavily guarded, so Tetra had Link be put in a barrel so they could launch him inside.

In the game, Link pretty much flies smack into the castle wall.

The comic short gives that moment a great deal more hilarious context. :laughing:

And remember: one must always make it clear WHO they’re giving direction to.



The JFK files is strangely familiar




Thank you @Havenstone for bringing this channel to my attention. I think this is my new favorite halloween song :smile:


She’s fantastic. :slight_smile: This is one of my favorites–for some reason the Tiger Woods shots had me laughing so hard I could barely breathe.