The Funny Thread


Turkey coma? Are you Canadian by any chance? Cause it’s way too early for US thanksgiving.




Oh cool, just want to let you know that it’s still too early to bring put the Christmas decorations, despite your early thanksgiving. It’s still Spooktober, damn it!


My b-day is October. I know… Christmas music sure as shit better wait lol


Oh, well, happy bday, eh. Hope you feel happy aboot being 1 year older. Soorry.

OP: this video made me laugh way more than I thought I would


Happy b-month btw. my dads is Halloween he hates when Christmas music is playing on as he puts it “his holiday”


I see Canadians are equal opportunity species employers in the armed forces as well :smile:


Truly a fearsome place but do they have these?
Or these scary beings?


But…theres no wombat in Canada.


Haha, The spiders around here don’t have health bars though. They prefer to hang out under toilet seats and in your meter boxes

(@a_shoggoth Canada has polar bears! Wombats don’t like sailing terribly much, they’re more on the tank side of things).

Edit: Thanks for the mention of spiders @Drakeye. You just reminded me about the slightly concerning red back spider I saw on the ceiling of the kitchen earlier I meant to go catch. It’s gone now. Sure it’ll turn up again lol


Attack rabbits


They also have the pizzly. Oh and you should catch and raise that red back, their silk will come in handy


Haha, I had a rabbit go from my jugular once. True story lol. (I jumped out the way, but it still bit me on the shoulder. Apparently it was known for getting “grouchy”). Lots of people seem to have “attack rabbit” stories. Reminds me of monty python.

@a_shoggoth You want some? I’m sure I could find a few dozen under my house if you want to start a silk farm :smile:


You joke, but mark my words, spider silks will be the future of textile! INVEST! INVEST! INVEST!


I hope so, it means I’m sitting on a fortune if I can convince them to give up their webs peacefully :smiley:


Well if you can’t you can always call in the…


I don’t know what this says about my own sense of humor, but I laughed more than I should’ve when I saw this :rofl:


Even a penguin can have a waifu these days



Yours reminded me of this