The Funny Thread


Yes it is a ninja rabbit.


Weird ass squirrel…


Well it certainly looks like a rabbit


Yeah it’s got most of the features but the tail is wrong :slight_smile:

This is a ninja rabbit


this is a ninja rabbit



Just move two steps right and he is caught.


move two steps to the right? i’m sorry, all i see is a pile of logs. I don’t think there is anyone in that picture.


There is a guy in that picture in the centre and it’s a optical illusion that only works if seen from a specific position


no no no, i’m pretty sure it’s just a pile of logs, there’s no way that someone would be able to blend in that well.


Now you are just fooling with me :joy:


No, why would i want to do that. I’m telling the truth, thatt’s just a picture of a pile of logs.

But there are four people in this image, they’re pretty easy to spot.



TIL no one on this forum know what a squirrel look like.


An accurate representation of my DnD group



sure i know what a Squirrel looks like we have 6 of them, we also have a fox, a possum & a skunk
Fox is named Lenny, Possum is Squiggy & the skunk is Pepe


I heard about this recently. On a college campus, students were in tears over a bannana peel on a tree. Now, I don’t have anything against sensitive people. I am sensitive as well, but how, just how can you cry over a bannana peel on a tree?


Id be in tears too. That banana peel was probably extremely rotten. The smell would definitely bring me to tears


Oh no, they weren’t crying over the smell. It brought them great discomfort, and apparently the students thought it was emotionally heavy.


That was a joke. But, once again, the internet failed to deliver the feeling of sarcasm