The Funny Thread


How NOT to set up an ambush.


So I logged into the forum today to check a message thread, and noticed from my profile that I was no longer a Regular, but a Member!

So I got all excited, like “Oooh, what’s that mean?”, looked it up in the Discourse forum aaand found out that it actually meant I’d been demoted as a forum person, and then I was like, “Oh”.

^So I guess I’m the guy, and the forum is the woman now…



I’m a Regular again! :smiley:

So…me and the forum have decided to give it another go.


I don’t come to this thread much, but I’d like to say: great to have you back!


In middle school, I read a joke I didn’t understand at the time.

So I went to my older sister and mom and asked “When do our birth certificates expire :face_with_raised_eyebrow:?”

They laughed for almost 10 minutes straight before giving me the answer. :sweat_smile:


me and my gf crashed a wedding last night after our date. We both felt like Vance and Owen after it.



I would recommend other Mitchell & Webb works too :slight_smile:





Well… a friend recently introduced me to the partially-fear-inducing hysteria that is the children’s show Arthur’s method for drawing in guest stars.






I just don’t understand.


welcome to my world, a cookie is given to every new member hands over cookie




Lmao you thought one of them lost?


I respect how quickly you robbed Reddit but couldn’t you have changed the title at least?


B-But how will I get my sweet, sweet karma if I change the title?


A funny moment in my life…

Does distracting the DJ at a wedding to put “The Rains Of Castamere” in the playlist counts?


yes, my friend, yes it does.


Speaking of weddings, when I was part of theater in my high school, the actors were one time rehearsing a scene where two characters were about to be married (it was a short original skit to get them used to acting). We (the ones handling the technical aspects of theater) wanted to play some music for the moment when the bride walks down to the groom, and the teacher said it was fine to play any song since it was practice anyway. So one kid goes to handle the music and as the bride begins walking down to the groom…Darth Vader’s Imperial March starts up.

Very few made it out of that scene alive that day; almost everyone (both actors, backstage support, and even the teacher) were laughing their heads off; some were even on the ground holding their stomachs because they were laughing too hard. The bride and groom (both seniors who have been part of theater since they were freshmen) were able to keep acting out the scene as though nothing was odd, but both were clearly smiling in a way that pretty much said “my underclassmen are dorks and I love them”. But by the end of the scene, even they were laughing with everyone.

The following week’s practice seemed to start out normal…until the actress playing the bride came walking down the aisle scene with a Darth Vader helmet. :laughing:. Needless to say, the laughter started up again, especially when the Groom finally turned around and revealed that he was wearing a Chewbacca mask (they both apparently planned on doing this after last week’s practice).


How about these which I created out of sheer Borden:

Axzazel is Red
Nightcrawler is Blue
If you don’t get the reference then screw all of you!

Hellboy is Red
Abe is a greenish-blue
The Hell-Lize ship makes fangirls go boohoo

Shoutmon is Red
Gumdramon is Blue
The Digimon craze went down the loo, pokemon too

You make my face Red
You make my fists blue
If you don’t get it, I am so over you!

Charmander is Red
Squirtle is Blue
Don’t forget Bulbasaur who is cute like you!

Iron man is Red
Captain America wears blue
Yet Hulk is the one that puts fear into the two

These are getting notice on my valentines card which I send to myself because I am lonely as heck…But then again, who needs love?