The Funny Thread


Speaking of dinosaurs…


United Airline new seat class. The Fight Club class. The slogan for this new class is: "Fight for your right to flight."


just had a 20 min pun war over the CCH thread! best thing ever…


And I joined as well!

In the middle of my Finals, no more less!


Yeah we all hate eh love you guys for that…


aaaw shucks, you would miss the pun wars I create randomly…in fact everyone would.


I just got kicked out of karaoke night for singing “Danger Zone” six times in a row. They said i exceeded my maximum number of Loggins attempts.

Do you want giant irradiated spiders? Cause this is how we get giant irradiated spiders



wonder how long someone could keep the ‘fart blame game’ up for?

whoever smelt it, dealt it
he who denied it, supplied it
whoever articulated it, particulated it
he who refuted it, tooted it

please do carry on, see how long this can be game.


He who denied it, supplied it.
He who deduced it, produced it.
He who attributed it, distributed it.
He who detected it, projected it.
He who perceived it, conceived it.
He who expressed it, compressed it.
He who related it, deflated it.
He who protested it, foam-crested it.
He who derided it, provided it.
He who maligned it, designed it.
He who smelled it, expelled it.
He who opined it, refined it.
He who rued it, brewed it.
He who revealed it, peeled it.
He who quipped it, ripped it.
He who knew it, blew it.
He who reported it, exported it.
He who decoyed it, deployed it.
He who averred it, disinterred it.


Never mind I got none


@AAO, your too cool for this world; I mean…that was awesome! just like our CCH pun war. Good times.


I don’t see an end, I have no control and I don’t think there’s any escape. I don’t even have a home anymore. Definitely time for a new keyboard.


i feel like that all the time buddy, so I think I shall drink to that raises goblet full of wine


He who bemoaned it, intoned it.


he who moaned it, loaned it


That’s amazing. I can live without an end or a home, but I simply need to have some control and an escape


I need only the exception of my family…alas…that is a goal I shall never reach…
(que sad music)
Escape is a possibility though :grin:


Not sure if youre playing along or just didn’t get the joke…


both; playing and didn’t get the joke…get used to it…