The Funny Thread


Every birdy was Kung fu fighting…

Fixed it for you :slight_smile:



Those chicks were fast as lightning.


What have I done…? xD


"You’re fulfilling your destiny"

EDIT: Not sure if anybody got this reference haha.

You might want to keep your volume at decent level, tho.


dude, that pun failed like…ultimately. So sorry.



Those chicks? :upside_down_face:

Didn’t really intend for it to be a pun though, it isn’t exactly similar enough to kicks haha. So kind of more like a lame joke/rhyme. Forgot the name of any bird that might work as a pun for kick.


Kiskadee? It starts with a k



Because the loony tunes were my idols.


^^I have that exact same shower cap :smile:


Fat Chocobo… is gangster!


Those webs are truly flexible


A T-Rex Dinosaur Crashes The American Ninja Warrior Course | American Ninja Warrior


Joke might a bit offensive:

Racecar backward is still racecar.

But racecar sideway is how Paul Walker died.


lets play LOL at the dragon!

what happened:
okay, me looking at anime pictures in order to find a good background picture for my new PC. I find one under Phantom and realise it is one of the characters from a TV series. I do what anyone would and look them up in order to track down their show and I eventually find them on this anime info website called…something; I forgot. But anyway, I find it then I read too much when I knew I must stop then destroy my new found anime crush and my excitement of watching a fresh anime in under 10 seconds of reading the first paragraph thanks to how the people wrote it.

What is happening now:
I am crying to myself and watching TV and writing this message.


Robin Sparkles was apparently a big enough hit to get into Just Dance 3.


did not see that one coming, now that’s song is staying in my head longer than y depressing childhood.


This will help to release some laughter :slight_smile:

Warning. Contains extreme violence, blood and foul language, viewer discretion advised (under 18 please refrain from watching)