The Funny Thread


How do you do spoiler or that sideway arrow thing that people have to click on to see the content? I need that for my joke


[spoiler] text [\spoiler(]) for spoilers, not sure on the arrow thing.


@moonwalkerdragon well it shows up as a link. But whatever, maybe it’s better this way. Thx anyway m8

@Sammysam thx

Yo guys I just found this awesome new super food. Get this: 0 freaking carb, gluten free, full of protein AND it’s a salad so you don’t feel guilty eating it.
Bacon bits and bacon flavored croutons optional


For the arrow thing: [details=Summary]This text will be hidden[/details]

Or just do it like this:



Weed isn’t all that bad. Obama smoked weed growing up, now look where he is today. Unemployed with 2 kids, recently evicted and had his healthcare taken away


r/jokes is leaking.


Damn cant believe someone here caught my repost. Can’t gild you so I’m just gonna give you a like


my opinion when discussing anime with people who consider Pokémon an anime when it is just a cartoon. THERES A DIFRENCE PEOPLE!!!

Also clears throat Diet Coke and Pepsi are the same thing…sorry to break it to you people.

When the family comes over; the adults are happy, but when the cousins enter the living room Hell breaks loose!

(I board, I am just going to random)


Yeah. I don’t revise school work I just. Browse Reddit.


When you think your pet is stupid. And then they get clever

They’re actually lazy

Found it and giggled for 10 minutes


Stay safe out there :eyes:






Today’s bird day lol


♪ Everybody was Kung Fu fighting… ♪

Literally what came to mind when I saw that. xD