The Funny Thread



anyone here having to deal with a passive aggressive publisher?



they are funny coz is Zelda, it gives a good old dich to the left & Right hand problem we have in the game.



well…that’s certainly secure :frowning:


Did anyone else enjoy Lady Gaga’s halftime show at the SuperBowl?


eh, as we are all using SSP for meme use I might as well join the crowd.



When a teacher goes toe-to-toe with a doodler…

When a cat goes metal for a sock…



faith in humanity: however briefly, restored


I don´t feel like the ‘like’ button conveys this sufficiently, so I´d just like to say that I appreciate people posting on this thread. Laughter can be shitty, but more than often than not, it´s something good. So thanks for posting.

Knock Knock

Who´s there?


Bird who?

Birdha, birdhoo birdhoo, birdha! Birdhoo, Birdha, birdha birdha, birdhoo! Birdhoo birdha birdhoo birdha birdha birdhoo birdha birdhoooooooooooooo, birdha. Orchestra! And repeat!


This advert used to make me laugh so much. I love alpacas.


I don’t know what’s wrong with me but can’t stop laughing at these corgi crosses.


The penultimate picture is that real?


I think so! I did a google for german shepherd corgi and a few similar looking dogs come up. Corgis are such funny looking dogs.


I agree and they have so much energy :joy:


It’s that time of year again! Will I find my special Valentine, wherever they’re hiding???

Update: I didn’t.



people are getting presents for that lovely holiday called valantines day and I was left out again, the only letter I got was a dogs trust letter which informed me that my sponsored dog died and I also got an email saying I would be happier if I brought a new stero from argos. Life is screwed, but as I don’t have one I cannot complain- my saying brought a whole new meaning to valantines day.