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I remembered that from somewhere... it's from a Bloodhound Gang song! Or the song was written due to that joke. I dunno.

Of course, being the Bloodhound Gang, the song is NSFW and potentially upsetting so I won't post a link. But if your curiosity is killing you, the title of the song is 'A Lap Dance Is So Much Better When the Stripper is Crying' and the lyrics are just as purposefully offensive as you would think from that title.

Anyway now for something completely different...

"You're going to the vet."


I heard the joke before the song but yeah its in there. Good memory by the by, and it is an awfully offensive song in so many ways... BUT the mini-piano tune makes me giggle everytime.



Watched this with my grandpa Still hilarious!
Red Skelton


I have no idea if this is sad or funny as I found it a mixture of the both....

this I found funny if you understand the jokes....

has anyone seen the specific rules of anime main characters? I have and it has become pretty obvious...





I want my money back.





Not sure if I would classify this as a funny story but yesterday I was taking a nap during the afternoon, it was almost dinner time but I was feeling lazy and decided to stay in bed longer. I was in that “in-between” state when suddendly something moved really fast in my dream and punched right in the mouth. I woke up to a start with my teeth feeling all tingly. The first thing that came to my mind in my hazy state was “not nice”… I don’t even know why… as if someone would my hear thoughts. :weary: There was no one else in the room either. Don’t know what scientific explanation there is for these events but it was one hell of a shock.


Because VR playing iz the best! :joy:


Found this today:

By: Tim Eagan - Deep Cover


Been there…



#the party has officially arrived
(I missed you guys!)

(Next one involves swearing, just to warn you)

(honestly, this question has been bugging me all day, coz it does spark theories)


leaving this here so my account isnt considered “inactive” or anything, it also bothers me when l dont something in over a week


Here’s a cute video to brighten up your day. :slight_smile:
DISCLAIMER: Contains mild profanity and rude gestures (its rare but I figured a warning was warranted).


ART BY: Ry-Spirit


shocking news everyone, YGO LP is changing from the original 8000 to 4000 in the TCG. I can no longer do dragonball Z refrences to it :cry: :sob:! though, it is understandable that they would as most play it with 4000 LP anyway so…rumours are complex so this may not happen, blame my mate Blueberry :frowning:.


I’m not sure this belongs here but I couldn’t stop giggling.
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