The Funny Thread


My last joke of 2016:


is that serious, or a joke?


Why would this be a joke? There’s nothing funny about a guy who lost his cock :cry:


please re-phrase that, I am dirty minded as f*ck :grimacing:!


Here is a saying I was told this morning:

supposedly this is a Russian saying but I dunno if the person was just teasing me or not.


I don’t know how else to rephrase it, so I’ll put it to you like this:

If you lost your own cock, would you be laughing or crying?


you could say "if you lost your own Rooster, would you be laughing or crying?"
don’t worry, you’ll have to get used to me so if I say something weird then ignore me.


I could, but I won’t (because that’s the joke)




#Corniest Pokémon pun ever


I saw John Lemon at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday.


that was…a bad joke…

but it is retro so it works in a way :thumbsup:


More of a silly story than anything:

Me, my older sister, and my little brother had found Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the N64 during a visit to the flea market as kids. Excited to get a new game, we brought it home, popped it in, and sat close together as we prepared to take turns playing the game. Since it was per-owned, we decided to see what the game was like by play

Anyway, my two siblings were screwing around with the Ocarina, played a melody they learned on the menu (since they liked the way it sounded) and suddenly, something was charging toward us really fast from the darkness. Since polygons were much more scary back then, my sister immediately handed the controller to my brother, who immediately handed the controller to me (because yes, giving the controller to the sibling who would not even go down from DK’s house in Donkey Kong 64 because they didn’t want to be surprised by crocodile attacks is a excellent strategy). Still, I kept the controller (mostly because I had no one to pass it on to) and waited for the charging being to come closer (because it was moving way too fast; I wasn’t going to escape it if I tried…and I did for a few minutes). Finally it reached us and we all got a good look at our charger:

Yep, my siblings played the Epona song not knowing that it actually summons Epona to you as Adult Link and freaked out more than when that monster came at us in Creatures. :sweat_smile:


Epona is so!!! Ahhhhhh Epona!!! Doo doo doo, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doooooo! I can’t believe you would be scared of polygons! Did you ever play the remake?



Of course; I still love the Legend of Zelda series. How could I pass up a chance to take part of my childhood with me on the go for me and my siblings to experience again?

This time, my brother and sister DIDN’T hand the 3DS back to me when they summoned Epona once we got that far (shame, I had a lot of fun riding her around after we were done running away the first time she came to us :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:).

Me and my siblings weren’t that old when we came across the game (my sister was barely a teenager at the time). It was those innocent times when characters had really angular faces and fingers that didn’t know how to get themselves unattached. :laughing:


hey, its better than Fi…

its been two years and I still remember that stupid tune that plays when she comes from the sword :expressionless:


And Fi’s better than Navi, thank you.


okay, fair point but…

the known annoyance to all gamers…


I’m not ashamed to admit that this made me laugh out loud.