The Funny Thread


You were lucky last time I was broke I sold a gallon of blood, a lung, both kidneys and a testicle and even then I could only just afford a bottle of water. A quarter-liter bottle at that.


Why waste money, body parts, and organs for a drink when you can just get it for free?
If I want a drink, I just wait until it rains, go outside, look up, and open my mouth. Free water!


There is plenty of water in the public toilets, they keep it the little room in basin on the floor. There is even a handle you can pull to refill the bowl. I find it difficult to drink while kneeling but you get used to it.


Come on guys,use your heads for a bit.

We've always that one guy that had too many water bottles,right? I'm sure he wouldn't mind if we just borrowed some.(emphasis on BORROW)


I have a big stick think I could borrow some as well.


This belongs here now.


As a Scout I find this as offensive as it is true


St. Nicholas why oh why?!!


me too, santa, me too



I think I have my wife’s christmas present sorted this year. I have bought her a new iron, a new vacuum cleaner, a heavy duty shaver and a year’s subscription to dieters monthly. Can’t wait to see her face christmas morning when she opens them.


Because that’s what she likes or because she’s going to slap you?


Definitely a large slap.


You forgot the “1001 sandwiches for hungry husbands” cookbook. :wink:


She got her own back this morning, she bought me an electric drill.


no one gets me power tools, they say that I attempt to escape the house by taking down the windows or flood the school, like I would ever consider that :angel:


My Granddad once let me use his soldering iron… once they’d put the fire out my mum made him promise never to let me in the shed again.


I have a garage / nerd zone outside my house and there is literally a SAFE where they keep all the tools, that is how much I am trusted. honestly, I’m a normal person with an average life who loves to tear things apart using a high speed drill…nothing wrong with me at all.

P.S found this in email chat


Have any of you guise heard the rumor about butter?

Actually, never mind, I shouldn’t be spreading it.


#that’s Retro

I asked for a copy of the Black Butler manga for X-mas for a late present, but I got worried when I saw that word had spread when I received black Butter, I was lucky that I wasn’t called racist by my Gran.

and think where ‘Death Note’ got me…