The Funny Thread


and heres some more coz I cannot do it all on one page....


It's not true that old dogs can't learn new tricks. As I am getting older I have learnt to fall asleep in the bath and while watching my favourite program. Can't wait till I master the falling asleep mid sent......zzzzz



Well have finally made it home after a month and my grandson and I are at it again, enjoy.


It's hard to explain puns to kleptomaniacs because they always take things literally.


A portal to another dimension??


guess what:
TRANSFORMERS IS BEING SHOT NEAR MY HOMETOWN!!!! (fangiriling x1000 :smiley:)
but that also means the following:

  • Robots hiding in my garage, not sure if my brother can cope with that :frowning:
  • constant Decepticon attacks/ death threats :no_mouth:
  • stutter and forget the name of the characters :confounded:
  • Stonehenge will become a baseball bat :astonished:
  • my laptop becomes a minicon and I lose all my stories :sob:
  • umm...slight chance of death :middle_finger:

on the one upside:

  • NO SCHOOL!!! :grin:
  • I can just screw everything :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(before you wonder, yes I do know it is not real :sob: do not hurt me anymore!)


It really makes you wonder, doesn't it...



Funny thing is: this can happen.

Not only with trans women! But with cis women too. People with wombs.

Why? Chimeras. This is when a child in the womb absorbs its underdeveloped sibling, leading to a person with two separate sets of DNA; their own, and their sibling's.

So let's say a cis female chimera has a child. That child might not actually be her's genetically. It may have taken the DNA string of her sibling along with the DNA of the (assuming we're cishet here) father, making a child she literally gave birth to genetically her niece/nephew/niebling.

And then when the child gets tested for their DNA they could not actually be related to their own mother. Well, in a parental sense anyway. So what has happened in the past is the mother has to have tests on her body done to find the separate sibling-DNA, so she can prove the child is in fact her's.

The more you know.


Dude....that's like, far out man....
:peace: I think my head exploded.....


That's awesome.
Biology(?) is wild.


Huh, now it really is making me wonder...


Not really suitable for the funny thread but here's some links

#532 heads, like, gone much laughter.....


After billions of years of evolution,humanity has finally reached a climax:

This is the greatest thing to ever come from makind and you know it.


this made me crack up....


Looks like I'll be broke for the holidays...


Broke for the holidays?
That's the same story for me as I keep jumping through broken lenses.


A box?!


Last time I was broke for the holidays, I had to hollow out several rocks with my fingernails and present them to my friend as an archaic tea-set.

And that was a good year!