The forum is BORING


A co jeśli zapytam o coś po polsku?


Wouldn’t most of us just run to Google translate?


Wouldn’t that require us to know what language it is in the first place?


Google Translate told me it was Polish, and translated it, so knowing which language it is isn’t even necessary.

… So… Comment maintenant la vache brune?


Why is this bothering you?


Est-ce que tu parles français?


Porque no hablamos en Ingles?


Tu ne parles pas français, n’est pas?


Je suis parle francais.
Pero me gusta Espanol mas.
And I was born in America. Which leads to the question.
Where’s the cake?


Est-ce que tu peux parles bien français, s’il te plait?


Non, je ne suis parle Francais bien. D: Excusez-moi.
Pourquoi voulez-vous parler en francais?


D’accord, non français.
Why are there only 8000 languages?


Why are there so many?


Why did I type like a two paragraph response before realizing it wasn’t a question and deleting it?


Why do all questions intended for a certain person seem offensive?


Maybe cause everyone’s defensive???


Why so serious?


Who’s being serious?


Nolan by adapting the story of a guy that has such mommy-daddy issues that he dresses like a bat into a gritty, realistic tale of human nature?


Is this the 40th comment?