The Followers (Revived!) - Help testing chapter 3 (Updated 20/10/16)

Nope doesn’t work all it says that its either moved or deleted. And heck ya ill be interested to your story, I’m open to read anyone’s story and help them critique it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thats what I keep finding. I have reposted the dropbox links with but neither of them work still.

I dont know if anyone else has encountered these issue and can help?

I have no experience with dropbox sry :frowning: wish I could help. I could probably ask someone…

Appologies, I have uncovered the reason dropbox is not working as JumD helpfully pointed out. I need to start paying for the service.

I will now sign-up for a month trial to get some feedback on the current progress as it seems the easiest method.

Thank- you for all your help, I will post a link when it is working

Ahh sucks you have to pay for dropbox though… Good luck with everything and ill be here waiting for the demo :slight_smile:

Yup i was there before

that should help you, only problem you won’t be able to use pictures

Sooo… having now played through the game a few times since its posted I’ve noticed a few spelling mistakes, a few grammar errors but mostly that the first few pages arent as interesting as they need to be and some pages don’t flow very well…

Maybe it’s a bit early for playtesting but hopefully will be able to give me an idea of if the concept is even worth the effort

I find the concept intriguing. The fact that you start out as, well a cloud of dust is pretty cool, which only adds on to the fact that you can progress on becoming a greater being(don’t know if that’s the correct word for it, but oh well).

It’s a refreshing idea… I will make sure to follow this WIP as it progresses.


Thanks for your response. That’s an interesting point about the terminology used for “god”. It may be better for me to use a term like “Supreme being” or “higher power” possibly.

I’m glad you enjoyed the concept. Any major issues you’ve found with the current structure or style?

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I liked the idea even before playing, and even more now that I got “Followers believe there is nothing beyond this life”.

I’m intrigued how the game will shape up, need to keep a close watch.


I chose to be attached to the floating wood, and got a bit confused. Is the first human you meet on the boat, or in the water, and why are they shot with an arrow? Also, after I get them to believe in me, they said it said they were separated from a hunting party. At sea?

“Sitting by your stream you watch as the small animals pass by. A stream is an interesting place to see such things and helps slow the madness that all spirits eventually succumb to.”

Well that escalated quickly.


:open_mouth: Finally… You have no idea… I’ve been waiting 2 years for a Choice of Gods game to come out. Ever since the poll they had where they asked the next game we would want to see. And now? It’s here. :’) Thank you my friend… Thank you.


“Humans are not like Gods, they have cannot comprehend your existence. However you can benefit from each other, giving each other a purpose.”

They have cannot should probably be just they cannot.

Played the demo… it is very interesting and original too. The writing is spot on and as a reader it actually drew me in. I would love to see this demo released, so good luck ill be waiting for an update :slight_smile:

I’m modeling my spirit off the Emperor of Mankind. :slight_smile:

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I don’t have any constructive criticism, I just wish to say that was fun!
I got sad when I came to the end.

I really like this so far! Really interesting and a unique idea. I’d love to read more.

Have my eyes decieved me? Is this an actual god game!?

Another small candle of hope at last!

I do love the game so far, i especially love how we start off being a lil spirit! having a humble begining really adds to the story;

i love the idea of how our follower can give us form,
looking forward to this story! it certainly has my attention :slight_smile:

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Love it! Great idea! Cant wait to see more