The Fog Knows Your Name -- Step into the fog and confront your terror!

I just finished this game, and to be honest, it was a real struggle. For some reason, the stat checks in this game are INSANELY difficult. I literally don’t even know if I passed a single one. Even when I had ridiculously high Booksmarts, Perception, and Planning stats, every choice I made that supposedly signaled those stats failed. I’m not sure if this falls into my own misinterpretation of the text leading to me choosing the wrong choices or if it’s something else, but I really didn’t know what I was supposed to do half the time. By the time I got to chapter 9, every single choice offered was outside of the skills I developed, and it really drew me out of the story entirely because it was destined failure no matter what I did.

I really, honestly think this game could remove a ton of the checks and still be a really wonderful horror game. Having almost every single choice be a stat check honestly ruined the experience for me. Barring that, an option to just leave the town before the final confrontation with Ennis or with the Fog Beast would be really appreciated. At some point I got so apathetic (not the stat - I personally was apathetic) about everything going on and just wanted an option to go back to New Hampshire with my mom and Jezebel. I’ll probably do another playthrough to see if I can do better and if that makes the story more enjoyable, but I really think the stat checks brought down the experience this game has to offer.


The stat checks in this game are just… oof… I have more patience playing dark souls :confounded:


I’m so torn about this game. It’s really really good writing, I loved the setting and the pacing was done really well. But the stat checks…It was rough as hell in the beginning (up to chapter 4), then it got better—WAY better—and then I failed every single one during the confrontation and was “met with a terrible end.” Saved Rex tho so that was nice.


Hello! I just started this game 4 days ago, and I’m stuck on my last 2 achievements - Goodbye Friend and The Weight of Grief. I’m thinking of getting the whole Island together because maybe I can have Anuja sacrifice herself (it sounds bad, but ANYWAYS). I tried it earlier, but it didn’t resulted to anything. So I’m thinking of getting my relationship with Anuja up to at least 80%. Maybe that’ll work. Anyways, I’m just really curious as to how you guys cleared this achievement!

What a rollercoaster of emotion that I’ve just been through. I love the writing, the story itself, and the characters. It kinda reminds me of Stranger Things and Riverdale, being mashed up in a horror story. I truly love it. Many props to the author! :+1: :+1:

Edit : (Additional Comment) - I’ve warmed up to the characters a lot by the time the story has come to an end. Now I feel empty inside. Well, this always happens when I finish an IF game though, better move on to the next one to feel better :smile: