The Flower of Fairmont (epistolary WIP)

I like when Romance, like any choice in the games I play, has consequences. What happens if our RO finds out we are flirting with someone else? Do they get angry and leave us or do they get jealous and try extra hard to capture our heart? Do they fight each other if they find out? Do they try to secretly drive an rift between us and our other RO? Do they even care and do we care if they care? Romance is one of the most requested features in the games of this site for a reason, everyone is a sucker for a nice and/or dramatic love story. Basically give me options and give me consequences for my bad choices :innocent:


Given the breadth of responses that are requested for multiple RO scenarios, I think I will probably have to disable the option altogether, so as to avoid getting overwhelmed by branching.


This is just to note that the new demo is going up this very morning – as soon as I finish hanging my laundry lol.

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Edit: Despite my best intentions, technical difficulties have prevented me from uploading. I’m working on fixing the problem.


While I grapple with my hosting difficulties to bring you version 0.2, how about looking into a bit of worldbuilding?

When I decided to write a game made almost entirely of letters, I knew I needed to make a decision about whether to use the real-world calendar or to make one up. In the end, I decided to use a calendar with a structure almost identical to the common (Gregorian) calendar in our world, but with different names for the months and weekdays. I use Donjon’s calendar page as a helpful tool for keeping it all straight.

Fairmont’s calendar system:

  • Sun, Storm, and Sea, the spring months, corresponding roughly to April/May/June. The MC arrives in Fairmont in mid-Sun month.
  • Bryony, Laurel, and Yarrow, the summer months, corresponding roughly to July/August/September.
  • Cat, Fox, and Hare, the months of autumn and the beginning of winter, corresponding roughly to October/November/December. School terms begin in Cat month.
  • Faith, Grace, and Hope, the months of winter and the last months of the year, corresponding roughly to January/February/March.

Days of the week:

  • Airday, abbreviated ae (from the Latin aer).
  • Waterday, abbreviated aq (from the Latin aqua).
  • Fireday, abbr. fl for flamma.
  • Ironday, abbr. fe.
  • Copperday, abbr. cu.
  • Silverday, abbr. ag, post day in Fairmont.
  • Goldday, abbr. au, the Cathrean day of rest.

The journal line Ag 14 Sun 1696 AL can be translated to mean the 14th day in the month of Sun, in the year 1696, which is also the weekday Silverday. AL is an abbreviation that refers to the current era in Cathrea’s history.