The Fernweh Saga (Scheduled Release: 5 January!) [Book One is 600k]

Ah my heart; this is so incredibly domestic and oozes sweetness. :blush: I also like how you mention Gianna’s frustration with J because I could see that might be what motivates them to try and take a bit more care of themself along with noticing her concern. (A would also approve of this tactic. Toast is like a side item unless it maybe has a heaping amount of peanut butter and honey or something with more substance spread on it, I think. ) I can tease and say: Book Two does feature a burnt toast choice on certain romantic routes or bestie pairings. Hmm, I may set another variable now. :thinking: :bread:

@Tiffy, I adore all this for Marcie; the way she would collaborate (‘conspire’ might be the word Mrs. Dorran playfully uses) with B and S to give Mrs. Dorran a break is very considerate. Knowing that Marcie is on S’s romance route further makes me melt at this idea because they would not only appreciate the care she is expressing towards their mother, but also be touched by it. Gentle intimacy is something S can excel at; I can imagine this playing out so vividly. Perhaps, B makes a few excuses to visit the pantry to collect more nuts, chocolate, flour, or some other ingredient to give the two of them a bit of alone time, though they would probably try to flash a thumbs up of encouragement at Marcie that S would likely spot as well. sighs B isn’t the sneakiest.

(It’s okay; their cuteness makes up for the lack of subtlety. :orange_heart: )


So, like, is it January 5th yet?:sweat_smile::joy:


@FleurJane Same! :rofl: Sometimes the time flies by (like the first half of November), but other times it feels like I’m anxiously counting the days. I’m glad that you’re excited for the release too; it means a lot. :green_heart:

Anon Ask 22 Nov

Hmm, that may be a little spoilery, but I also adore the question…

I like that you mention both the crush and deep relationship stage since that does change some things a bit.

R tends to be more possessive (healthy) than they are jealous such that they don’t trust the intentions of those around them; they can grow to trust you. How they view relationships/affection is something we will get into in the series, but they will learn that what they have with you is special and in turn want to protect/safeguard that…It may take some time. :wink: Even when deeper in romance, they will shoot warnings looks at people who seem remotely willing to try and flirt with you.

It’s extremely fitting to have an R ask on this day. :black_heart:

I hope that you all have a lovely week ahead and a nice/safe Thanksgiving, if you observe the holiday. :smiley:


Totally excited. Thanks for sharing your story and keep up the awesome work. Happy Thanksgiving/ holidays to you as well. :blush:


Anon Ask 29 Nov

Oh, protectiveness is one of my favorite elements to write in a relationship. :smiley:

The horror/nightmare/past emotional hardship/etc. aspect of The Fernweh Saga will allow you all to see that at different times and in unique scenarios.

They will all be protective in their own ways.

S thinks you are capable in your own regard, but they will still watch out for you without being asked to do so. They will support and assist quietly and covertly, just not as consistently as some of the others. If you ask for help, they will be there in a heartbeat.

B does tend to worry for you even when not in romance. They show their protectiveness through loyalty and staying close to you, even if they don’t always agree with some of your tactics/choices. B will remain by your side. They also will notice if something seems off with you emotionally-speaking and try to address it in a supportive way.

R can be intensely protective once you commit to them, borderline protective/possessive (in a healthy way). They can grow to trust you, but will tend to size up/evaluate/judge the intentions of those around you because they want you safe. R doesn’t trust easily, so you will become their person over time.

J can be overprotective and sometimes preemptive with their want to ensure that you are safe. They won’t crowd you because they tend to be more tentative in their actions, but will go above and beyond to express concern. We see a hint of that with the walkie talkie scene since some of that is their personality; shielding, enduring, etc.

JR Protectiveness is something the two of them agree on, even if their styles of expressing it differ. They will tag-team if someone tries to bother you while out with them, though that would be a really bad move on that person’s part. R tends to be more reactive with J sometimes being a calming presence to that. R can offer assurance or affirmation of some of J’s actions. It’s an interesting dynamic.

So, JR > J > R > B > S from most to least protective, but if in romance, they will all have some degree of protectiveness. Certain scenes and dynamics will illicit different reactions; it will be fun for you to uncover them!

I hope that you all have a lovely week ahead! :green_heart:

December is just around the corner, which means January 5th is drawing closer! Oh, I’m psyched. :grin:


6 Dev 2023 Anon Ask

So, I suspect that some of you also like video games with choices (e.g. Dragon Age, Life is Strange, Witcher 3, Fallout, etc) like me?

The song is:

The End of the World by Skeeter Davis. Listen to it HERE, if you’re interested. Or at least it’s what my mind remembers of the song from hearing it so many times while playing Fallout 4, lol. I did add and alter some lyrics; this is something you can learn from listening to the original song or once you experience more of the first book.

Listening to it while you read can add a creepy vibe to the Introduction! :smiley:

The song links to some of the achievements I added, but I probably shouldn’t say too much about the features I’ve kept out of the demo (~ooh surprises!~), since I can’t wait for you all to discover them when playing Book One. :eyes: Some of these naturally came about during editing, while others are well-hidden secrets. I think they should enhance your replay of the demo content and intrigue you as you continue to delve deeper into the story.

We’re about one month away from the scheduled release date (January 5th). I am positively buzzing with anticipation despite also working busily on finalizing some content to share and offer after the release date. Planning out the months with my handy, color-coded calendar that would make R proud has helped me stay on track and plan out when things should drop/release; it’s been fun. I also think focusing on my writing or making content has kind of helped the wait slip by in a sense? You all know how it can feel both slow and fast at times.

I hope you are having a lovely week! :green_heart: