The Fernweh Saga: Book One (Discussion)

Hmm, I’m still trying to decide which one my MC Dawn will go with. I tried all of them. I see her as being the type of character who generally tries to repress negative emotions in favor of clinging on to positive ones or pretending everything is fine (the “:fire:This is fine :fire:” meme dog is a very fitting portrayal of this attitude, as was the “Smile to mask the dread :sweat_smile:” option towards the end), which is why one of the only places where she is resistant even a little bit is during the forced emotion choice.

My personal favorite and the one I’d choose if roleplaying as myself would be Fear, though that’s probably the first one I’d rule out for her. Maybe she can be a little nervous and timid on occasion, but I wouldn’t call her particularly fearful…? Lack of fear might even be the issue for her at times (ex. waving at strange shadow people at night). Playing her as being on the reckless side does detract a point from choosing this one, though I do think a reckless character who deep down is fearful is interesting and could still make sense. But, not what I’m going for with her. Maybe if I make another MC.

Sadness could be fitting enough.

Anger could be interesting considering she’s my sweet little compliant Lambkin MC, so it would be like a nice people-pleaser with suppressed anger. I also had in mind the idea of maybe gradually making her more resistant in future installments (though I might not do this), so having a little buried seed of anger could fit with that.

So anger is the one I’m leaning towards canonizing.

Dawn: In a guest seat, “Reese” (with a certain other guest later), snapdragons.


If dating Sofia…then I wish the scene where she say about your choice for ‘Cat Room’ lasted longer…

If romancing Becca…(Leaving is ludicrous! Becca didn’t get her 3 breakfasts! )

That means I want a filler episode where they just go for breakfast and that breakfast lasts a while…


Gianna: in the guest’s seat, “James” and asters
Fanny: at the foot of the table, “Reese” and daisies
Charlotte: in the outsiders place, “Silas” and striped carnations with forget-me-nots
Naomi: At the host’s place, “Beckett” and a visit from Mal and striped carnations

(Snapdragons and daisies seem to be really popular.)

This is really cute, and I imagine something similar with Gianna. ( I can’t see her not sending J letters either, and the idea of MC and J reading their letters together could bring them both some closure.)

Fernweh doesn’t have good cell service, that’s why J gives MC the walkie talkie.


I’m not talking about cell phones. There used to be these things called “land lines”…


The real antagonist is Ma Bell! :rofl:


I second your letter-writing and otherwise attempting to keep in contact with J by MC. It is now my headcanon for Roz. She definitely did try to contact James and to some extent Sophia (and she also tried to contact Reese as well, but no one knows that and she’s not telling) many times throughout their estrangement. Until her lifelong understanding of others’ emotions tells her otherwise, a part of her probably wondered why her best friend James didn’t contact her over the past decade.

My headcanon for Laurel is that she’s very good at pressing people’s “kind and empathetic response” buttons and generally playing nice until she doesn’t have to, which is why people put up with her bad behavior as a friend and as a partner–after all, Reese returned to the cabin to continue to help with the investigation after she stated that he hadn’t suffered (by comparison) when she learned of his father’s death. Beckett is also a victim of this to some extent, I believe, which is why he came out on the road trip with someone who probably has made fun of his helping animals. It seems like Alec and Mal are the only two people for whom it doesn’t really work.

My headcanon for Arthur is that after he left Fernweh, he was cared for by a trauma surgeon friend of his father (from surgical residency) who was puzzled by his (Arthur’s father’s) decision to stay in Fernweh “and be Doc Hollywood” rather than leaving Fernweh with his wife (Arthur’s mother), and expressed this sentiment while regaling his ward with the stories of his parents from days past. In the past, Arthur found that puzzlement both infuriating and understandable. As he and Becca attempted to leave Fernweh after their battle with the tree monster and repeatedly failed, he found it ominous .

I know that the author has said that the MC’s father was an outsider who stayed in Fernweh for love (and I doubt that there actually was any SL involvement in that decision) but it’s plausible that some MCs (Arthur for sure) would think that there was some SL involvement for both their parents.

Maybe that should be your Reina headcanon–that she once seriously considered reenacting that Seinfeld episode (joking)? :grin:


And, there was a time when they weren’t even cordless! still remembers when talking to someone on the phone meant you were trapped in a small area, unable to pace around the house like a normal person

As for head canons for our MCs, I’m still working Naia and Reina out. Well, Naia. I haven’t put much effort into Reina yet, other than to know she’s built to drive James completely insane and trigger his protective instincts every five minutes while she does the equivalent of running across the highway like she’s in a real life game of Frogger. I think she may make Naia look cautious in comparison, which is not an easy task.

I could actually see her doing this if someone told her she couldn’t, lol. I think I may headcanon it–not on a major highway, but on a really busy street. Someone probably dared her and she ran out to do it without thinking. :laughing:


Well, I’ve only tried the Becca route yet and I’ve liked it pretty much, if u want a nervous/ cute kinda ro then Becca is your option.
If your choice is a smart ass and… kinda egoistic as well ig ( i haven’t been able to pinpoint her personality) then Reese is your option.
If you want a stoic ro who rarely shows any emotion but is protective and very sensitive from the inside then go for James.
If you are interested in introverts / nerds then go for Silas.
And finally you can go for the maid, i forgot her name but, she’s a badass, as far as ik and kinda… wierd as well.

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Well, those are all great ways to burn calories too! :laughing:

What @Snowflower said about R in particular did catch my eye since it reminded me of a fact on their character aesthetic board. I copy/pasted them below, but I’m referencing the first one! I could see R wanting to play doubles with the MC, possibly including B and S too, though the teams would vary based on your choices.

Fact about R from their Character Aesthetic!
  • ♢ Fencing, golfing, horseback riding, other somewhat pretentious sport, etc. R has likely tried them, but prefers the freedom that comes with running the most.

  • ♢ Begged their mother for a pet for years and years, even outlining plans and a presentation for why a pet was necessary, and was denied. ‘Acquired’ (hid in their closet) a stray cat (that was not at all pedigreed or approved), but R loves him and now has a pet.

  • ♢ Can play the piano. (No, they did not want to learn how to play the piano.)

  • ♢ Has a rarely indulged sweet tooth, especially for more homemade desserts as opposed to fancy things, though wanting a sugar cookie over a soufflé isn’t something that would be admitted.

  • ♢ Wears sunglasses more often than not; it’s easier to assess people’s intentions from behind tinted lens and even easier to not appear as openly bored with a conversation.

You have an excellent read on Mrs. Dorran’s initial support for the romance routes! :smiling_face: It can/will change based on how things progress. glances pointedly at a specific enigmatic figure with a nice smile.

Especially her reaction to seeing R make an effort by wanting to drive the MC out to the townline; she was quite surprised. I like how S spoke up to give R some help with persuading Mrs. Dorran.

Hmm, not yet confirmed-confirmed, but it seems plausible given their guest appearance. The aspect of seeking permission from the MC softens the ‘manipulation’ aspect of dream manipulation to a degree, but I’ve seen a lot of different theories on the level of W’s involvement in that nightmare. Was it really permission or a guise? Was it really them or another nightmarish figure? It’s hard to say. Book Two will allow you to learn more!

@swilson50125 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you so much for your kindness and for taking the time to fully explore Fernweh along with its characters! I agree that my readers have been incredibly supportive and engaged, which makes sharing the mysteries and foreshadowing events more enjoyable. I also love the use of the ‘TFS Onion’; there are so many layers. :onion: And, I second that R should get a red M&M in honor of Angelique (especially because the shiny, candy coating resembles how well cared for their convertible is) since there isn’t a black one.

Edit: I almost forgot, but @E_RedMark I adore the gif with the cat carrying around the plushie. It made me think of how the dog may walk around the B&B with Boris.


MC/B and R/S, or MC/R and B/S work super well. I suppose J is the referee (fitting).


I think if Reese played tennis with Naia for long, he’d take her racket away from her and suggest they play racquetball instead. After about the third time she hit the tennis ball over the fence and into the wild blue yonder, anyway…

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OH that works so perfectly with things I’ve picked for Rosalind. Yay! <3


Do people’s MCs work out or play sports?

Arthur definitely does use exercise as his main stress relief; he has a routine that includes both jogging and strength training at the gym (and in college he played intramural soccer). Laurel also has a routine of daily aerobic exercise, and she especially enjoys swimming laps; another thing she hates about Fernweh would be the lack of a lap pool (does Fernweh have a swimming pool that isn’t on Verner property?). Roz isn’t much for exercise—but with Becca’s encouragement she’s incorporated morning walks into her routine (and like @resuri08 ‘s Evelyn, she has a sweet tooth. Tends to eat her creations).

@Cat-Toes Dancing absolutely counts as a sport for this question!


Naia lifts weights and has been practicing Kendo since she left Fernweh. Both helped her work out some of her aggression. She’s not much for aerobics (like, you’d have to pay her a lot of money to make her walk on a treadmill, and she’d probably get bored and stop after 10 minutes or so), but likes hiking and swimming. She also likes archery and is pretty damned good at it (and shooting, for that matter).

Reina hates working out and has never touched a weight in a weight room (“It’s so damned boring!”) but she likes kicking things, so she takes kickboxing classes to stay in shape. Which is a good thing because she eats a lot of junk food!


Gianna: Likes to go for a run every now and then to clear her head after staring at a computer screen too long. (She’s a book editor that works remotely and often works from home.)

Fanny: Only if playing with small children counts. Although she does enjoy dancing if one considers that a sport.

Naomi: She doesnt like working out, but shes very particular about her body and tries to work out everyday to keep it nice.

Charlotte: Loves to work out. She likes boxing the most, but also weightlifting and surfing (not that you can do that in Fernweh.)


I thought about it, but… nah. Kim would much prefer the Math Olympics over any other kind, and Diana is more likely to be in the band than on the field.


Does constantly running after a bunch of small children most days count as working out? Because if so, then yes, Marcie works out. :smiley: Marcie doesn’t play sports or have a dedicated exercise routine, but she can keep fairly active during her day-to-day life – going for morning/evening walks, and leading her students in daily exercises (gotta channel that boundless energy that only a classroom of 20+ 5YOs can have into something productive). I also headcanon that Marcie and Becca share an apartment, and more times than not, they’ll be fostering dogs from the rescues Becca volunteers with, so Marcie is happily walking the dogs and taking them to play at dog parks, which can be a workout in and of itself depending on the size and energy level of the puppy (all dogs are puppies).

@Cat-Toes I am always so delighted by the similarities between Marcie and Fanny. :sparkling_heart:


Evelyn doesn’t workout but she mostly do cycling to and fro from work. She has a sweet tooth though and tend to stress eat. ^^;


I always count it, but I’m the president of my university’s ballroom dance club, so I’m a bit biased on the subject.

Me too! As soon as I read that first line of your response I was like aww.

This is such a cute headcannon.


Amari likes to run since childhood and still does it regularly. He’s also an adrenaline junkie and has tried various extreme sports with his favorite being bungee jumping, skiing and downhill mountain biking. I imagine him inviting Beckett along for one of these activities and he’s like “no, thanks” while breaking into a cold sweat :rofl:
Both Vivian and Natsuki (yay, new MC!) don’t work out or play any sports.

Have you seen the characters birthdays on tumblr? Silas and Sofia’s birthday is coming soon! Also, that feeling when you share a zodiac sign with Ms. Verner :skull: