The Fernweh Saga: Book One (Discussion) [💞RO Poll, Post 952 | 🏆 Guide, 938!]

Exactly. And it’s funny–I was annoyed at the ending scene with him at the end, the first couple of times I played it, as was Naia. However, the more she develops, the more she gets it because she’s in the same place at the end. She had a crush on him growing up, and she just went along with his competitiveness because it worked as a way of “flirting” with him.

So going back to Fernweh, she found those feelings haven’t disappeared. She’s still drawn to him in a big way, and actually wanted to stay to get closer to him, but she isn’t about to admit that. She has abandonment issues from her grandfather ditching her, so she expects that from him, too. She kind of took his handshake a s a sign of, “it was nice flirting with you and all, but we’ll probably never see each other again, so see ya!” That basically confirmed to her that it’s best not to get attached, and thinks he feels the same, for whatever reason (in her mind, it’s because he had fun flirting, but he’s just not feeling it with her).


Don’t mention again that handshake, please! I can’t wait to get my revenge in Book 2.

How do you play Naia - bold open flirting or denial romance? I have Joy openly flirting and showing Reese she wants more than that from him. But for Kassandra (she’s in the poly route) I chose the denial path. She had her first kiss with James long time ago and now is a little bit frustrated that Reese is getting under her skin so easily.


:rofl: Naia doesn’t want revenge, but he may have to work a bit before she’s willing to show her feelings again.

She was openly and boldly flirting with him, basically mirroring how he acted with her after the scene at the beginning when he offers her and Beckett a ride. Naia is also already protective as hell with him–and moved closer to him in that scene with his mother. If Ms. V does anything to hurt Reese or his feelings, Naia will hand her her ass on a silver platter. Otherwise, she bites her tongue and tries to be pleasant for Reese’s sake.

I’m honestly not sure if she’ll still be so bold about flirting in b2. She understood the handshake thing, but it still kind of smarted. So she may be a bit more reserved until Reese can show her that he isn’t just going to ditch her (like everyone but Beckett has always done).


Which is the proof that Bee is the best RO :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Wait, why am I advocating for them, I voted for J… Ah, sod it, I love them all! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You’ve just described my MC Joy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
But she’ll continue to flirt with Reese no matter what, she’s already too deep in that rabbit hole…


I think that perhaps Bee will gain confidence with what he has been/will be forced to face in Fernweh.

Perhaps he has never been in such a difficult/challenging situation before? It has been hinted at that there will be tension between Bee and the MC in Book 2–I don’t know if that might make Bee more self-assured since he has to rely on himself (possibly on the MC as well if they are close)? From personal experience, challenging times made me stronger, and I would say boosted my confidence. Daisy will love him regardless; I just hope that he will let her be there for him!


I just realized the messiest possible romantic configuration heading into Book 2: give your MC’s romantic interactions to J and your friendly interactions to B. Let A flirt with B successfully (and have A as MC’s enemy for maximum mess) in Chapter 6. Then in Chapter 11, get the achievement “Those Three Words” and continue to build bonds with J and B after the Twiggy battle. You will now have a messy love quadrangle (love triangle with line?), with other dynamics (such as MC and B’s longstanding friendship, MC’s enmity with A, A and J’s sibling bond, J’s conflictedness with B) playing a role, with no happy resolution! For the cherry on top, flirt with W as well!


Welp, I decided to write some Reese/Naia smut last night and that turned kinky fast. I blame the Valentine’s Day scenario…

I may just let them keep going and see what happens, lol.

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I don’t see any smut here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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When I have a chance to sit down and complete it, I’ll put it up on AO3 and PM you the link. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, there will be; however, B-mancers will get to see a different, if not deeper, side of it thanks to their special bond. Even within the Introduction and Chapter 1, you can notice a difference in the dynamic, possibly even the absence of something. :eyes: I can’t say too much despite being very tempted to do so.

B’s route next book might take some of you by surprise; they have some unexpected moments .

@Nemureru_Mori Oh, I’m a guru? That’s cool. :green_heart: As many of you suspected (@EvilChani and @lo6otia ), the MC is the missing piece of the puzzle that actually helps the other two gradually start to realize that there could be something more there between the three of them. I’ve received a few asks about this dynamic; I typically don’t weigh-in since I find hearing readers’ thoughts/theories interesting. I would find it hard to imagine JR coming about without the MC’s return to Fernweh that pushes them to look behind their typical preconceptions and interactions with each other thanks to someone familiar yet new who shakes things up.

(Still, for the sake of fic writing or other people having differing opinions, this isn’t an ironclad thing. I do still think the MC coming back helps the two look beyond their usual dynamics! But I also wouldn’t say a Returning Visitor/B fic with J/R as a background pairing would be ‘wrong’. I’m pretty chill in this regard about shipping or whatever else since I’m happy you’d want to share your writing with my characters. Here’s an ask about it.)

The JR poly will always be about the three of them coming together; I’ve been rather firm on this aspect.

It will never just be R and J pursuing the MC; they also grow to care for each other. A trio.

“We’re All In This Together” starts randomly playing in the background :musical_note:

Oh, I’ll be happily guilty over this. :smirk:

It’s partially why I also included R masterfully undoing their tie in Chapter 8 on both the R and JR romance routes–the implications–along with it suggesting R’s experience in being able to nimbly tie things up. I suppose it can suggest some elegance or class.They can even say something about it during the Chapter 11 fight.

Happy middle of the week to you all! :green_heart: I am, of course, writing; it’s motivating to see Book Two taking form with each section I fill. :memo:


Amber is very pleased to hear that :slight_smile:
I finished my run with her and let me tell you I like it very much. It’s still behind the R and JR routes and it’s too early to know how exactly the W’s path will develop, so for now I’ll rate them in that order:

  1. R, my love :heart:
  2. JR
  3. B
  4. W
  5. S

I’ll try to get to my final run with J these days, but for now here are Amber’s final stats:



The best games have multiple rounds; do not become cocky over a single, trifling win that required help. What is one to many? It’s insignificant at best when you will inevitably fail.

Walking away from that failure at the first opportunity you had doesn’t lessen its certainty.

None of those later steps were thoughtless or automatic; you knew better, but persisted.

Warnings are meant to be followed before mistakes are made; you do not care to heed them. There are rules that your actions deliberately undermine until you relent and behave properly; yielding is a good quality to learn now. Your role is fixed, but you can be remade.

Your first kill should not be called a kill. Efficiency at the expense of satisfaction is a waste, though the creature used to tend to things rather than take for itself. You can learn too.

Life or death situations can test your limits, though being at home in a known, comfortable environment can induce an honesty that is even more telling. Yours was exactingly recreated. The paint colors, types of furniture, treasured photographs, and every other painstaking detail weren’t good enough for you, were they? It felt wrong, but appeared familiar because it’s yours.

The cloche delivery was designed with you in mind, or at least who your mind wanders to.

Somehow being able to sense that wrongness is why you refused contact; you will yield.

In the end, your father was sad too. All the missed moments and future memories hurt him more than the flames.

Your ending is near; we both know this, but how exactly it will play out is where the fun lies.

Until we meet again…

I’ve mentioned already that I’m not into friends to lovers trope. Also B is the perfect best friend someone could dream about. So playing this path is not something natural for me. But I had to try it. I don’t want to read the code, I want to experience this adventure.

The first thing I want to mention is this scene

Some of you talked about how much more unsettling was B in the nightmares compared to the other ROs. Now I see what you all meant. A puppet being cut free of its strings - I come to this just after finishing FH and it made me think hard. It’s clear that ???/GL/ SL or whatever is playing with MC’s feelings. Apparently they don’t have much information about B, being an outsider and all, so it’s a baaaad improvisation on their part. No one in their right mind would think it’s actually B…

We have another confirmation that IT’s learning here

“…Sorry,” Beckett belatedly apologizes. “I’m still learning. I’ll do better on the next part.”

“I’m still learning this one, but I already knew you were going to be difficult,” Beckett admits, catching his breath and nearly laughing again at your obvious frustration. “This lack of trust would ruin him, Amber.”

Well, you’re not doing a good job playing a sincere sweet B, we won’t fall for your tricks!

“Playing delivery man is not as fun as the other make-believe games we play,” he admits, kicking out his legs once before jumping off the table. “You know what I mean.”

No, I don’t! Not yet, anyway.

Some of my favourite moments from this run:

  1. “I mean, you could have picked someone else—that would have been totally okay too. I would just prefer braving a dark forest with you, uh, since I know you more, obviously. The power of friendship, so yeah…”

“There is indeed so much power in friendship,” Reese quips with a cheshire-cat grin, not mocking what was said, but he is definitely calling it into question. - you’re quite right, Reese

  1. “…Amber, you’re an incredible friend, and I love you.” - Ooohhh :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  2. “Worrying about me is your natural state of being,” you quip, though it’s really the truth.

“You’re reckless and tend to think with your heart, not your head,” Beckett retorts, though his smile persists because he would not have it any other way. “Hoping you stay safe is a full-time job…”

There is something less tentative to his expression now and more certain.

“Hmm, the benefits for that job must suck,” you joke with a quick wink, realizing it’s your turn to say something and not focus on Beckett’s face. “Do you even receive overtime?”

“No, but I do get the benefit of friendship.” - you’ll get more than that if you’re more confident! Can’t wait for Book 2

  1. “The most important thing is that you have each other,” she concludes with a smile that brightens when Beckett steals a fleeting glance at you that might have been a check-in or something more. “Traveling is easier with someone you know and care about.”

“A lot,” Reese adds with a sly grin. “They do make great partners… Traveling partners.”

  1. You are closer to Beckett’s face than you have ever been before.


The soft uncertainty to his tone emboldens you to shift closer even as your seatbelt tries to restrict the action. It would be easy to count his eyelashes or discern the hints of muted gold in his irises. You admire him for a few seconds before leaning in to finally—

The radio emits a hissing burst of static that startles you as faint crackles pour from the speakers.

It just ruined the moment. - I hate when you’re doing this @lacunafiction ! I’ll just pretend it’s done because you want us to have an equal start for all of the paths in Book 2. Oh, wait, we can kiss W! Not fair at all :angry:


This was my exact reaction to Sweet Bee! I was wondering if you would join @Snowflower and I in the club of getting B’s ‘i love you’. I did not realize there was a high friendship check for it until after seeing the trophy guide @Lambkin created. It makes me wonder if some Bee romancers didn’t earn those three words yet, and if so, what could this mean for the path? As in could it be a good thing or a bad thing now that Bee and the MC are trapped in Fernweh? Obviously, while I was playing it made me all melty, but now I hope that B doesn’t view it as a mistake or bitterly–maybe it depends on how we handle how he is dealing with things.

At least Daisy is in good company with your MCs!

Your screenshot with B reminded me of how chilling their interactions are. I still saw aspects of J and R in the nightmares that feature them whereas B’s just made me feel unnerved. I quoted that line from you because I strongly agree with it; the nightmares seem engineered to mess with the MC from the more obvious details like the house to the finer ones like the inventory changes. I was surprised by the flask it gave one of my MCs.

There is something very unsettling about that.

The ??? being willing to learn and adapt makes me wonder just how far it wants to take things with the MC.

I’m going to think more on this!

@lo6otia It was cool to learn more about Amber. I also have a soft spot for R like you do.


Best Bee seems to be unique in that there are two versions of their romance arc: the usual one, wherein MC/B spend romantically charged events together and MC gets the cheek kiss at the end (or contemplates going for it), and the one that forms from the Those Three Words achievement. I imagine it will be very interesting—in fact I hope that there are two separate arcs for B (the usual and 3W). Arthur followed the first path—I’m guessing Daisy did the same?


Check out this ask, this is so funny! :joy:

R reaction is obviously very naughty, but look at S, they’re also taking notes for future reference :smirk:

And then we have our innocent babies B and J :innocent: Although B is a little less innocent :laughing:


Oh, I don’t think you have to worry. If Bee is in love or in a good relationship with MC, I’m pretty sure he’ll be by our side and will appreciate that we’ll be with him (for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). Even if we’re trapped in that cursed town.

My MC Amber wanted to get out from Fernweh as soon as possible, so now she and Bee are going to war with ???
In my opinion the more dramatic version of B’s path will be the one where your MC worsened their friendship. So he’ll be trapped in Fernweh with some strangers and his ex-friend. That would be devastating for him. My MC Evie would see that route in Book 2.

Hmmm, I don’t know, I guess all the way? I’m preparing my MCs for the worst after that nightmare in chapter 8.
So far we know everything is a game to ??? We also know IT is a sore loser :grin: I don’t think ??? will stop at anything to achieve its desires. IT will get more and more cruel the more we resist.

Thank you! I think if we all combine our MCs Fernweh will become overpopulated and ??? will quickly run away :rofl:
But what can I say, this is the only game I created 6 MCs for!!! Yeah, you heard me right, Victoria “Vicky” Delgado is just starting her chapter 8’s nightmare and James is waiting for her :wink: I’ll give you the details when I finish this run!


Oh no, Evie, this is cruel! I can’t imagine making Bee sad, just the thought of it hurts :anguished: I will have to experience this route through your retelling.

Yay, I’m also in the 6 MCs’ club (though I haven’t finished my last playthrough yet). High five! :raised_hand:

Good luck, Vicky, I’m rooting for you and James! :smiling_face:


Well, Evie was specifically created for W’s route and to test the bad options, because no one else wanted to test them during beta. I’m usually very bad at playing an evil MC, I tried my best here. Evie snapped at everyone and didn’t want to let anyone close to her. She was very angry at her grandpa for sending her away.
There were so many funny scenes in this playthrough. For example meeting Marjorie turned out like this:


Another one was just before going to the woods to look for Milton:


W almost called Evie a soulmate:

“This is good practice for you,” the waiter continues speaking as he draws closer, crunching some of the glass that litters the charred yard beneath his leather boots. “Being alone is how it tends to end up with your kind of mindset… Our kind of mindset.”

One of the hardest things for me were reading R’s comments about Evie:


Anyway, my point is doing an evil playthrough is so worth it in this game, you get a very different side of the characters and I would recommend to try it just for fun :smiling_imp:




I also love playing a cruel MC, but upsetting Bee to the point of damaging friendship with them is too much for me :cry: So I applaud Evie’s dedication to go all the way, and your dedication to torture other characters for science and for fun! :grin:


Yep, it started for science, turned out more fun that I want to admit :rofl: