The Fernweh Saga: Book One (Discussion) [💚 Game Update, Post 1214]

If it’s 3Words!B in a playthrough with J as the main squeeze, I don’t think J would fold that easily, if at all.

That and sometimes I think Yandere!J (if they are romanceable but not romanced) would be very interesting to see. Possibly even more interesting than M’s whole deal, even if Yandere!J is probably not going to be canon (which is part of the appeal lol). Perhaps that is how ??? uses their image to mess with MC–by turning a kind, dependable, shy J into a possessive, dangerous creep that haunts MC’s nightmares?


Yandere-loving MC: Nice!
???: That backfired spectacularly


Wait, what counts as romance compatibility? I don’t remember ever seeing it in my first run.

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Yes, this has been a feature of TFS since the release date. Whether or not the ROs are romanceable (romantically compatible) with your MC is dependent on your MC’s set attraction from the beginning of the game. For example: If I’m playing a MC who is attracted to women and my Fernweh gang consists of Beckett, Sofia, Ruby, and James, only Sofia and Ruby will be selectable for the romance-coded options (the candle-lighting in Chapter 3, going into the woods in Chapter 5, etc.). I hope this helps. :smiling_face:


Ah, alright. I made all of the party dudes, so I didn’t realise it was a thing. I thought it was something related to character, clothing style, all that stuff.

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Oh haha, yeah, I understand why that would suddenly make things a little confusing then. :smiley:

Oh gosh, no. Aelsa would never do that and make the ability to romance the ROs so restrictive. Please don’t worry, Chris (?) can continue being himself and still romance Reese. :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s Chris. Full name is Christopher, but calling him that is a good way to get on his nerves in non-official settings.

I re-did him a bit for purposes or personal canon and have encountered a scene that strikes right into my kokoro. I didn’t expect him to be this sweet even if he tended to be much softer with Chris.

forest stuff


inserts the Mushu “I live!” GIF from Mulan: here. :dragon:

Hi Returning Visitors!

I hope you’re all doing well.

It has been a while since I posted on the Forum. Depending on how you follow the TFS series, you might have seen that I’ve been fervently writing this entire time. I’m so pleased with the progress of Book Two; it’s taking shape each day as the thousands of words stack up and up and up and—You get the picture. :wink: This next book is going to be a staggering entry, partially because I’m having too much fun calling on past variables (e.g. Judith’s introduction to the MC will result in unique scenes along with what happened with R. Verner in the library years ago. The actual structure of this book has grown along with its word count.)

Thank you to new readers who have recently found my series and left a comment on this thread or added a ‘like’ to the main post/discussion on it. I do see you, and I’m grateful that you’ve enjoyed Fernweh’s world. :green_heart: I’m also keen on the discussion that crops up about the characters, their dynamics, and what you might be looking forward to.

We’re creeping into the spooky season! :jack_o_lantern: I enjoy this time of year, and I’ve blocked out even more time to write on Book Two this month, but I wanted to pop in to say ‘hi’ to you all. I also have a Q&A session question from TFS Patreon that I’m going to share about Mal.

You can read it below if you would like to!

TFS Q&A Session Bonus Question: Mal

Question: “Would Mal say yes if the MC proposed to them :eyes:


The Waiter

Before you can even take out the ring box, get down on one knee, or shift closer to Mal for a romantic handhold, he’s smiling a little more widely at you. There is more tenderness beneath that ineffable knowing quality that you’ve grown to accept. It’s enough to make you pause, blinking for a second when he takes out his own ring box—no, wait, that’s yours. Your hand flies to your pocket, patting its newfound emptiness while you balk at your mysteriously hot beloved.

“I know we’ll be together forever,” Mal confidently concludes. “But you’re welcome to put a ring on it if I can leave my own claim on you.”

You’re still a little stunned by this turn of events; however, Mal’s hand finds yours to create an unyielding yet certain hold. He won’t let go.

He won’t let you go.

The Waitress

Before you can even take out the ring box, get down on one knee, or shift closer to Mal for a romantic handhold, she’s smiling a little more widely at you. There is more tenderness beneath that ineffable knowing quality that you’ve grown to accept. It’s enough to make you pause, blinking for a second when she takes out her own ring box—no, wait, that’s yours. Your hand flies to your pocket, patting its newfound emptiness while you balk at your mysteriously hot beloved.

“I know we’ll be together forever,” Mal confidently concludes. “But you’re welcome to put a ring on it if I can leave my own claim on you.”

You’re still a little stunned by this turn of events; however, Mal’s hand finds yours to create an unyielding yet certain hold. She won’t let go.

She won’t let you go.

(To read Mal’s full response, go: here. It’s public on my Patreon. :evergreen_tree:)

Wishing you all the best and have fun/stay safe this October. While I’m not around as much on social media, that’s because many of you know how I get into a ‘writing mode’. (I tend to fixate. XD) I appreciate your support, encouragement, and patience. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi, Aelsa! I hope everyone is having a lovely spooky season. :blush:

Oh no. R, I swear, I didn’t actually want to kill you with that book! :sob:


Did… did Mal just rob us during our proposal? Oh, Mal, what are you like! :rofl:

Ngl, this sounds a little ominous coming from our dear Mal.

Ah, I’m so excited to explore Mal’s route more deeply in book 2. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I finally had the opportunity to play the R- denial route. What fun! I can’t wait to see how Aelsa continues this in the second book. The tension my MC has with R makes me want more of that push-and-pull in the next book.


I have finally read it :sweat_smile:
There are so many things that I’ve loved about this, starting from how you handled with roleplay and flavour text concerning MC’s appearance and their relationship with grandfather. The multiple different choices are the reason why I’ll definetly replay it, maybe not once. You did amazing job on the atmosphere, you’re really great with thriller parts. The ending hit me in the feels, really great! Also, that poly route… Can’t wait for the second book.
But for me, that one action scene felt… not too thrilling and slow. A minor thing and it won’t really twist my feeling about the book, but still. Overall, great job and solid debut!


how about a very late 4 am poll?

How do you think you can live in Fernweh Town?
  • By buying 1001 copies I shall cast an Arabian spell and go there!
  • …Just let me rub this Magical Lamp!
  • I shall crack the Matrix…wait for me Trinit–…I mean Ruby!
  • I will just ask for the key from the author! Can I have it pretty please with Sundae on Top?
  • Amateur…Voodoo is the way to go! Just Ask ??? and how they feel now that I made a doll of them!
  • Err…one sec, let me call my priest, I think we need some exorcising here.
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Merry Chrismas and Happy Holiday to you @lacunafiction and to everyone who can’t wait to snuggle up to the romances in this game!



That is such a breathtaking GIF! (The evergreens remind me of Fernweh. :evergreen_tree: ) Thank you so much for your holiday wishes, and I apologize for my late reply, but I hope you had a Merry Christmas. I have been quite literally lost in Fernweh writing, lol.

A tangent about the key to Fernweh

I now wonder what the key to the world would look like, hmm. Something heavy, maybe a dark metal with some faint moss clinging to it and tree engravings. Its teeth, oh, its teeth would be jagged like a maw that you could slice your fingers on (or use as a shank.) It would be a unique key, pulsing on occasion and cool to the touch. Yes, I could go on, but that’s enough of an idea for you all! :smiley:

Wishing you all a lovely 2024! Writing on Book Two is going extremely well; that’s how I’m spending most of my time, so thank you for your continued patience, encouragement, and support. :bouquet: I updated the below answers to include Mal’s reaction: here. It’s a public post on TFS Patreon. :evergreen_tree: I hope you enjoy the insight.

Question: “Is there anything the town of Fernweh does as a community to usher in the new year? And are there any personal (or familial?) traditions that are important to the ROs that they observe/partake in each year?”

I’ll list some facts about the ROs and general vibes for now, although I may expand on these ideas in the future once we discover more about Fernweh community events/traditions. I’m going to focus on New Year’s Eve.

Prior to the MC’s Return to Fernweh

B. Warrick

Staying up until midnight is something B would romanticize to a degree about the importance of ‘welcoming’ a new year of possibilities, but also one of new challenges and learning experiences. It might be hard to spot; however, B is a little muted, maybe even reflective, as the hours stack up and the year rolls over to the next one. Watching the ball drop or some flashy firework display on television is likely what occupies them unless the MC roped them into a party or for them to be celebrating elsewhere. A more lowkey celebration overall, but an acknowledgment of the day.

S. Dorran

Ringing in the New Year is something Mrs. Dorran takes a bit seriously with chatting about resolutions or gently asking her child one thing they would like to do in the upcoming year. (She will then try to do everything in her power to make that happen; it becomes a goal for her as well.) The Dorrans will likely share dinner together before S naturally witnesses the New Year due to their night owl sleep schedule. There is a high chance that R did invite S to come out with them or at least to meet up for one drink, but the acceptance of that invitation depends on S’s mood, haha. They might have somewhere else they need to be on that particular night. :eyes:

R. Verner

I wish I had that ‘shots, shots, shots’ gif or maybe it’s a distinct sound from a song. I can hear it in my head as I type this while also imagining a few people chanting it at the afterparty to the glamorous New Year’s gala R attended. :clinking_glasses:Their actual feelings on observing the New Year might be hard to tease out as they seamlessly navigate the room to mingle and greet a few guests in particular. (Did their mother tell them who to speak with, or did R just decide who was worth their time? Hmm.) I feel like they will have the most variable night; it will largely depend on their mood and if S met up with them. Heck, they could even run into J patrolling. Who knows what R will get into tonight. XD

J. Corvin

Hmm, for the most part, J views it as any other day. All that matters to them is the year will now change (2023 to 2024) when they write up their next report. They are more likely to take a late night patrol on New Year’s Eve since fireworks, sparklers, alcohol, staying up late, and partying can be a potent mix, so they would be keeping a watchful eye on things. Any invites to a party or a dinner were turned down by them, even if A was the one making the invitation. They would prefer to forget about time passing by or slipping away. :upside_down_face: Sometimes it doesn’t always register to them, but when it does, J tries to occupy themself to keep their mind from dwelling on things.


I only start writing in the new year on dates at about mid-March, just in case the year changes its mind and goes back, and definitely not because I keep forgetting.


That is one lonely bunch of party goer…

I hope you had a nice new year! Also, Happy to know the writing is going well!

Keep your spirit up! :+1:

who is A?

Oh wait…the sibling right? Well Doh. Different age, different crowd…

Poor A Lol


So, I’m on this mailing list called “Doggie of the Day” and saw one today that made me think of Fernweh…


My sweet Bee would love this adorable pup…AND the fact that he is named after one of Bee’s favorite diner meals.


I have been asked to relay the following questions:

1 - will there be a second tea vs cocoa vs coffee showdown in B2?, and

2 - Is there an in-universe reason as to why Ruby is specifically called Ruby?


Oh, I wonder if I’ll get a neat banner about ‘This user hasn’t posted in a few months. Let’s welcome them back!’ alongside my post to answer those fun questions. The mention of hot chocolate might as well be a beacon to me. I know your MC also favors it! :chocolate_bar:

  1. The MC’s drink choice will indeed come up a few times during Book Two! A tea party will require them to indulge in some tea one (1) time, but I’m certain the individual who meticulously planned it included something for your MC’s tastes. A minor spoiler: For certain readers, Judith (the little girl you can meet in Book One) will weigh-in on the battle of hot drinks. It can be a cute/funny scene to trigger. :grinning:

  2. Here’s what I’ve said about Ruby’s and Reese’s names when revealing part of why I selected them. All of the names in TFS tend to have deeper meanings.


It has Latin origins from ‘ruber’ (red) or ‘rubinous’, but both mean a deep red precious stone. This name holds a certain sultry elegance along with the stone itself that has had more staying power than other names that relate to jewelry or precious materials.


Meanings such as ardor, passion, and fiery are all embedded in this name, which pairs well with R’s character, especially if you read a particular exchange with Mrs. Dorran in Book Two during an evening excursion. It has a Welsh origin.

These names just seem made for R as a character! Although I think they can take on even deeper meanings on their romance route where they can express ardent feelings for the MC and show how much they treasure them above all of the Verner glitz. While their character color is more so black than red, we do see a link with Angelique and how R does also favor reds, purples, and more traditionally aristocratic pops of color. There is also a spoiler element to R’s name that I’m sure will hit many of you in the feels once you figure it out. :upside_down_face: It’s fully revealed in Book Three, but there are hints even in Book Two.

Hopefully, you’re all doing well!

My relative silence on social media might make some of you wonder if I am in fact lost in Fernweh. :evergreen_tree:The answer is a resounding ‘yes’; I’ve been engaging in a constant and steady writing blitz to then hopefully return to answer questions and better engage closer to a demo drop and tentative release date, etc. It brings me so much happiness to write; it’s my outlet, so that’s my utmost priority aside from some family care-giving/time together and my cat*, of course.

(*Yes, he is also included in the family. He just gets a special mention.)

Thank you for your patience, support, and understanding! :green_heart:


Not all who wonder are lost:

But apparently some are:


It is the only acceptable hot drink.