The Fernweh Saga: Book One (Discussion) [💚 Game Update, Post 1214 | TFS: 2 Teaser, Post 1186 ]

If it’s 3Words!B in a playthrough with J as the main squeeze, I don’t think J would fold that easily, if at all.

That and sometimes I think Yandere!J (if they are romanceable but not romanced) would be very interesting to see. Possibly even more interesting than M’s whole deal, even if Yandere!J is probably not going to be canon (which is part of the appeal lol). Perhaps that is how ??? uses their image to mess with MC–by turning a kind, dependable, shy J into a possessive, dangerous creep that haunts MC’s nightmares?


Yandere-loving MC: Nice!
???: That backfired spectacularly


Wait, what counts as romance compatibility? I don’t remember ever seeing it in my first run.

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Yes, this has been a feature of TFS since the release date. Whether or not the ROs are romanceable (romantically compatible) with your MC is dependent on your MC’s set attraction from the beginning of the game. For example: If I’m playing a MC who is attracted to women and my Fernweh gang consists of Beckett, Sofia, Ruby, and James, only Sofia and Ruby will be selectable for the romance-coded options (the candle-lighting in Chapter 3, going into the woods in Chapter 5, etc.). I hope this helps. :smiling_face:


Ah, alright. I made all of the party dudes, so I didn’t realise it was a thing. I thought it was something related to character, clothing style, all that stuff.

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Oh haha, yeah, I understand why that would suddenly make things a little confusing then. :smiley:

Oh gosh, no. Aelsa would never do that and make the ability to romance the ROs so restrictive. Please don’t worry, Chris (?) can continue being himself and still romance Reese. :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s Chris. Full name is Christopher, but calling him that is a good way to get on his nerves in non-official settings.

I re-did him a bit for purposes or personal canon and have encountered a scene that strikes right into my kokoro. I didn’t expect him to be this sweet even if he tended to be much softer with Chris.

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