The Fernweh Saga: Book One (Discussion) [💚 Game Update, Post 1214 | TFS: 2 Teaser, Post 1186 ]

Hungry for more snark after Virion? :wink:

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Hell yeah. I haven’t finished Oathbreaker 2 yet, though. Stupid Virion and MC never get any time alone with that bloody blond douchebag around!

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You can just tell him ‘bye-bye, blond douchebag’ :sweat_smile: He’s not that bad, though. There’re some good moments in his route. But he’s not Virion and he’s blond. The horror!

On topic - I’ll probably replay with Joy tonight. I miss her and Reese. After 6 MCs I want to go back to my original playthrough and eat some sour candy at the coroner’s office.

Hi Everyone!

In honor of our favorite enigmatic server’s birthday, I wanted to share some fluffy facts about them. :eyes: :triangular_flag_on_post:

The W likes to pretend that they don’t have much fluffiness to them, but let’s disabuse them of that notion. I can only spare a few. I also heard from Tumblr that some of these can veer into slightly unnerving territory depending on how you read in-between the lines or view Mal’s motivations. It can be hard to pin them down.

Some Fluffy The W Facts

-They have almost messed up their prized motorcycle to check on an animal beside the road, and they do regularly look out for strays.

-W will memorize when the MC tends to visit the Fernweh Diner. Uh, that’s fluffy, depending on your dynamic with them. XD They can look forward to those visits, secretly preferring those days/times.

-They keep mementos of the MC. :eyes: Although I do feel this could be viewed positively or negatively by readers once you learn why/how.

-Deeper in romance, if the MC has stayed over at Mal’s place a few times, they suddenly just won’t sleep unless the MC is present. :upside_down_face: Is that healthy? No. They will just sit there and wait, always waiting.

-You’re their other, better half, full stop.

Oh, I also have a joke/pun I wanted to share that comes from Tumblr user dabenport. Maybe it will earn a laugh from you! :smiley:

What do you call a happy W?


I also received some the W art over on Tumblr (both the waiter and the waitress; there is also some older the W art within the tag), if you would like to go take a look at it! Wishing you all a lovely weekend ahead. :green_heart:

Oh, I have indeed written this moment. :eyes: Would you like a small taste of it? (I’m still working on all of the branching within that particular chapter, but I started with R since we all know that’s what they prefer. :smirk_cat:)

I’m so excited to eventually share it with you; I often think of MCs I’ve met while writing!


I’m not @lo6otia, but I’m totally answering this… YES!! Actually, hell yes!! :stuck_out_tongue:

After seeing this Mal info, I now have to build another MC, specifically for him. I should have that done in a couple of weeks, if I’m lucky. Choosing names is so hard… I think I’m putting a total brat with him…


Does anyone else romance different ROs with the same MC?


Oh, now I’m even more excited to tease it. :grin:

The one wrinkle is that it’s a choice that leads into another choice with a split scene outcome where the mood can shift between you and R. Things can get a little rougher (in a way you both might like), slightly more tense (no newfound understanding), or there is a softer version (more so tender), although there is certainly a different intensity once your MC purposefully extends their hand given what’s going on prior to that moment. (I can’t say more just yet.) I have a strong suspicion that Joy would still go for it; not sure about your Naia, though I think Book Two will give her a chance to process/react more in addition to learning more about Fernweh. :evergreen_tree:

(Also, that^ is only if you pick to bring up the handshake. There are other choices/scenes, if not.)

I’ll tease a few lines of the setup for the moment with R. :sunglasses: I’ll grab some lines that I haven’t edited just yet, possibly pass them over to Tiffany first, and then pop back in sometime soon.

(My grandmother’s smart TV came today, so I get to go there in the morning to set it up.)

I feel like this MC is going to have my rapt attention, especially if you make her a brat since that will be an intriguing dynamic with the W. :smirk: The trend of tailored scenes based on personality will be continuing in general, but also in the case of the MC’s W-given nickname. It might be fun to think about that for her while creating her! I agree that names can take forever to come up with; Naia’s name meaning is so pretty. :ocean:


I love how intense W are, even when they’re fluffy. I think that most of these facts being slightly creepy is also fitting, it would be weird otherwise: “my Mal is acting totally normal? That’s suspicious!” :joy:
The malcontent pun is magnificent, good job dabenport!


I don’t usually romance ROs with the same MC, but it’s different with Fernweh (and not just because we have to trigger the W’s romance while starting on one of the other routes, haha).

As Marcie has continued to develop over the last year and I’ve gotten to know her better and understand her relationships with the others, consequently, I’ve found myself very invested in her dynamics—past and present—with all of them that it feels so natural to explore different RO paths with her. And for me, the preexisting connections between the MC and the ROs help to nurture their growing relationships as we get to continue through the series. (It’s also very interesting to see how her choices in certain situations (if she had a crush on any of them, the Ch. 08 nightmare, etc.) change depending on whose route she’s on, so I’m rather excited to see her branching character development in her different playthroughs. (Currently, she has Silas, Ruby, and James (and the W, naturally) playthroughs and will be starting Book Two with multiple playthroughs at the ready for each of them (along with my other MCs). (Becca is still very friend-shaped for Marcie at the moment, but I said that about Ruby, and she was the first one who demanded her bestie status be elevated to that of a LI, so we’ll see.)))

I’m sorry, you didn’t ask for a mini essay. In short, for Fernweh, yes. :smiling_face:

Yeah! Maybe we should start calling them Lambkin for a change. (And, happiest birthday to my most beloved Mal! :heart: )


The first time I play a game, I’ll use the same MC (a version of my actual self that fits the story) for each RO I romance. For future play throughs, I may change things to fit RO better, but it’s still the same base character generally


Oops, I wanted to answer this and forgot. I always create different MCs for each RO. I can’t romance different people with the same MC because I like to have a defined canon choices for each character I play.

Damn, Marcie has a whole harem all to herself, attagirl! Becca is missing out, clearly. :grin:


I generally use the same MC for my first time running the game and getting a feeling of all the characters, then I start to branch out! I tend to cycle through a set of characters I use specifically for IFs tho and play who I think rly fits well in the setting. I enjoy trying different routes with different MCs bc I like the variety and different outcomes! But different MCs do tend to have their own canons tho.

Noire is currently romancing Reese alongside the Waiter.
Sienna is going to get a kiss from Beckett one way or another.
Soldeen is most likely going to go for the JR poly (alongside making the most chaotic run I possibly can).
Whereas i’m still trying to figure out who else I can romance with the others, since I’ve played through a good number of times, but haven’t found the right combination yet.


Oh, it’s nice to meet other reader’s MCs! The name Noire is so pretty, I love it.

My MC for JR poly Florian is also quite chaotic, I guess these two bring it out in you. :laughing:


thank you!! he’s my baby haha. I love him lots. he’s just an anxious mess with a heart of gold. came to fernweh to get some closure and now has all this in his lap.

Soldeen was a new addition but he’s the only one who I think would make sense for it. And I wanted to see how many connections I could build up in a single run and he also fits too well given his easy going and charismatic nature. My thought process is closest/crushing B, had a crush on S as kids, now flirting with R and J, and is intrigued with the W. So basically as much as I could without fully breaking the game lol


Not sure, either. I’m still feeling my way around her. I have more of an idea how she responds to things now, but not everything. It’s funny to watch her develop. Although she would mind things getting rough in some respects (:smiling_imp:), she would treat Reese more tenderly where emotions are concerned. She understands all too well how it feels to be abandoned. And to feel lonely in a crowded room. And I don’t think she’d bring up the handshake–it hurt, but she gets it.

Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking, especially after reading what you shared today about the W. It should be fun to see how he reacts to that!

Ooh, I like that. I’ve already started searching through my huge spreadsheet of names to figure out what fits her. I’m excited about this!

And I’m glad you like Naia’s name meaning! I rarely, if ever use suggested names unless I don’t care about the character I’m making yet, but I chose Zane for her surname on impulse, despite having already chosen a surname for her (Xenakis, meaning “stranger or newcomer” in Greek). Zane just kind of fit her better, for some reason. :woman_shrugging:

I never do that. When I first play a demo for a game, I use a… guess you’d call her a trial MC. She’s pretty middle of the road, so she’s good to try out games with.

Once I decide I want to play a game, I create a different MC for each RO whose path I want to play. That said…

For Fernweh, I’m actually using Naia for the poly, as well as Reese’s path because anyone other than her with Reese feels wrong. Plus, I could literally hear her bitching about it when I tried to make a new MC for the poly. This is the only game I’ve ever done this with, and I doubt I’ll ever do it again, but if I want to play the poly, it’s going to have to be an AU with her and R and J.


Hm. For me the dynamic between Chris and Reese clicked so well that I can’t imagine anyone else in any other romance. It only happened before with my Infinity Sea MC - for me it was Salazar and it will always be Salazar, my 14 year old kid with 13% Charisma.

Seems to be a common thing between these two. Chris and Salazar are both fairly reserved emotionally and not good with people, though they express it in different manner - Salazar smiles and puts on a brave face, Chris prepares a bat, ready to smack anyone who gets into uncomfortable conversation topics and is generally a very loud-mouthed and combative punk.


I don’t usually use the exact same MC but there’s a lot of overlap because I as a player really strongly prefer playing a nice character. :sweat_smile: I do tend to give them different names to try and differentiate but it takes me a while to really get an MC set in my brain.

For Fernweh, I’ve only got Rosalind really developed, even though I want to make someone for J and for the W.


I see these facts more like a growing (love) obsession with the MC than fluff. It will be interesting for sure. Evie is convinced that no one wants her and she’s telling herself she doesn’t need anyone either. I’m still not sure how she’ll react when facing ‘fluffy’ W.

Oh, I like the rougher part and I’m pretty sure Joy will confront R about that damn handshake. She’s not a one to keep quiet about such things.

Usually - yes, if the game has more than one RO that is interesting to me I would replay with my cannon MC. Which is something that happens rarely, having more than one intriguing RO. So most of the time I play one MC with one RO and I’m done. I may replay the game but it’s basically the same playthrough.

For Fernweh I have 6 MCs :grin: Here I tried to make them different, because I usually self insert to a degree and I didn’t want to have the same playthrough again and again. It turned out to be such a fun and I found out so many little things I would have missed playing only one type of MC. But generally I prefer to play the charming, sarcastic, flirtatious and a bit reckless type.


I’m glad my W-mancer will be a lot different than Evie, so we can see W from different perspectives. I’ve finally got a name for her, too! I’m going (partially) Russian with the naming on her, kind of like with Dezh. Something felt right about that (maybe they’re related, lol).

Her name is Aizhan Pykhtina–Aizhan means “moon soul” in Kazakh (“bright as a moon’s soul or soul is bright as moon lighting dark way at night”), and Pykhtina is based on pykhta, meaning “silver fir”. Using a tree name for my characters is not my usual method, but given the setting and the symbolism of the silver fir tree, I’m thinking it’s pretty fitting. Plus, it goes well with the moon soul name.

She’s going to be a total brat. Not evil or malicious, just… a troublemaker (I even considered making her surname Bratova, even though that’s not what it means). I’m thinking she might have made a good Fae. Unlike Naia, she’s not so direct all the time (and it definitely not well-mannered), and isn’t past pranking, sneaking, or misleading for the hell of it–quite possibly, because she thinks it’s funny.

Now I just have to do a run with her and see what happens. I’m thinking she either had a childhood crush on J or S (I could see her annoying the shit out of S, since her method of flirting would likely piss him off, lol). I don’t think she’d have a crush on B, but maybe. Then when the W walks in, she’d only have eyes for him. Gonna play tonight and see what happens, since I’m off tomorrow.

My favorite mix is intimidating but friendly, sarcastic, flirtatious and more than just a tiny bit reckless. Then the characters do their own thing and, sometimes, tell me to piss off because they’re assholes.


Айжан sounds fun. I’m almost feeling sorry for W - she may be the person who will outplay our dear W at the end. Or they’ll do their little games together :smiling_imp:

I’m aiming at a more dark run with Evie, picking every bad choice along the way. Not that she’s really evil, but more like misunderstood and lacking self confidence, and then desperately trying to hide it from everyone. She’s somehow reminding me of J …