The Fernweh Saga: Book One (Discussion) [💚 Game Update, Post 1214 | TFS: 2 Teaser, Post 1186 ]

I absolutely adore that both Fanny and Marcie have the same highest stats. Marcie’s top three Personality/Traits stats are: 78 Merciful, 77 Heart, and 72 Sincerity.

(Shhh, you’ve always been cool.)

Yeah, there are a few new features and scenes. It’s really cool. Aelsa completely outdid herself in the best way possible. :star_struck:

Marcie went the botany route of science for her past affinity. It helps her feel connected to both her grandmother and mother.

And now the most important questions:

In Ch. 06, what did you all choose as your MC’s favorite cookie? And their drink preference? Marcie’s is biscotti (and her drink preference is hot chocolate).


So anyone else besides me finished with the book? I was legit screaming at the ending, shocked and amazed and honestly baffled by how fucking good it is.

Holy shit Aelsa, you’ve knocked this one out of the park, fucking spectacular :orange_heart: @lacunafiction


Slowly making my way through the gamebook. May take a break for a bit to go to sleep and leave the rest for tomorrow. Currently I am at the part where the group just finishes their sweep looking for the ginger kid. . I think thats somewhere around the middle of the story.

I just kinda keep getting taken out of the roleplay and the experience by the choices the author made which makes me question the setting and the characters. Was hoping I could get some answers to questions so I can finally push these concerns to the side without constantly speculating.

My primary question is where in the world is Fernweh? I get its probably a made up town, but like what region of the world? Because I can’t tell and every time I suspect one there is a weird use of language/setting that makes me spend 15 minutes re-evaluating where my character is supposed to be from. Is it supposed to be some alternate universe that has nothing in common with ours?

And not a question, but I am a little confused by why the author chose to make multiple characters gender variable if there isn’t going to be any physical description differences described (in fairness 1 GV character has physical description differences - unsurprisingly that was the one description I appreciated most and didn’t take me out of the story). I personally can understand the desire to do this for romantic options - even if I prefer otherwise. The author wants to let all sexualities be able to enjoy any of the options.

But why make non romanceable characters gender variable if you aren’t going to want to do the work to provide differences? To me that makes no sense. I guess I am just a little frustrated that I set a particular character’s gender very early in the game and you don’t meet that character until much later. If you don’t have physical differences, having to restart the story at the beginning of the game after realizing how a character looks is one thing In my case to set Silas to Sofia and to set James to Jane and back to James lol . Not too much time into it and having to repeat stuff. Having to do so in the middle of the story because descriptions are going to keep breaking your immersion is just frustrating. And I don’t understand the utility for non romance options: strongly assuming the kid brother isn’t romanceable lol . I would have been completely fine if it was chosen for me by what the author had in mind when they came up with the character.

IDK this is not meant to be mean or offensive, I am just really trying to understand the mentality by the decision making. I probably just need a good night of sleep like the MC as I haven’t slept in a while and my mind is probably not working properly lol.

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Arthur chose coffee and spice cookies such as gingerbread (which may or may not have been because I wanted gingerbread and could not get it). And update: his childhood special interest was archeology.

Now I’m wondering how to avoid the ankle injury acquired in the woods. Purely for cheevo-hunting purposes.

Hmmm… okay so, I heard of this story literally this morning, and read it all throughout the day. I took a minute to sit back and collect my thoughts on it all. I have to say I enjoyed it and by Chapter 4 I was hooked on the mystery and then the pacing just kind of… nose dived after that chapter. Chs 1-4 and 11-end, I loved, couldn’t get enough - but, the middle chapters (chs 5-10) felt very tight lipped for a story that seemed to have so much to say. I had a hard time getting through those - outside of the burned house nightmare, that was great.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed it and am excited for whatever is next :slight_smile:


I swear to God that if ANY of you pick rude options with the doggo I’ll hunt you and I’ll kill you and I’ll make you suffer. Treat Waffles right :pleading_face:

Oh I’ll have to spoiler everything below.

Just finished first playthrough and was amazing. I went for B and is slow slow slow burn LOL but there are so many sweet moments that didn’t bothered me. All the nightmare stuff was so well writing that really give me the creeps. I finished the game so uncertain about how to feel about the grandfather. Because sometimes I felt like loving him, and sometimes hating him, because I really wish we could know him better. The scene after we talk to the Coroner made me cry, it was so immersive and I really felt MC’s anguish. From the ourobouros at the game cover and because there will be other books, I kinds of expected that in the end MC and B couldn’t leave Fernweh.
Congratulations, and thank you it was such an amazing story. It mixed really well horror moments, sweet moments and nostalgia. Now I’ll play the other routes :partying_face:


Okay, I laughed at (part of?) the reason for Arthur getting spiced cookies because Marcie ultimately got biscotti for a similar reason. (I wasn’t thinking about biscotti until I saw it as a choice, but then I was craving it for months until I broke down and bought some.)

In order to avoid getting injured in Ch. 05 and get the related achievement, I believe you have to be compliant at the end of the Ch. 03 nightmare. Pick a feeling at the end and don’t resist. (I think it’s that simple.)

No, I was wrong, you can resist once, if you want to. What determines if the MC is injured is how many strikes they get in the Ch. 03 nightmare; if they have 0 or 1, then they aren’t injured when leaving the woods at the end of Ch. 05.

@Snowflower (I am so sorry for clogging up your notifs; this is the last time, I promise!)
In Ch. 11, when the MC takes on the vine(s) on their own, you also have to pass either a Reckless <= 38 (Cautious >= 62) or Reckless >= 59 stat-check based on how the MC chooses to handle the situation (also, choosing to use the compass (if the MC has it) as a flail or to stomp on the vines leads to automatically getting injured, so don’t pick either of those).

And that should be everything you need to know for getting the ‘Shiny and New’ achievement. (Unless I forgot something else.) :sweat_smile:


I completely agree with you! Even my cruel/grumpy MCs could never be mean to the puppy.


I’m out of hearts, sorry, but I’ll have to wait some hours to like your posts :smiley:

I’ll blur the rest just in case, it’s about my MCs and there may be some minor spoilers if you haven’t finished the game yet.

As of the skills, my main MC is Joy Feuer and she has Extrasensory Awareness. Past affinity - playing the piano. She chose the cat’s cradle room and was very unpleasantly surprised with all the pink in there. She is romancing Reese, her highest stats are 75% Snark, 66% Friendly and 66% Flirtatious. She likes chocolate chip cookies and coffee. And Reese. Have I mentioned that? :upside_down_face:

Next is Kassandra “Snarkassi” Blake. Her skill is Retrocognition, past affinity - writing horror stories. She is on the J/R path and she’s totally denying she’s falling for Reese, so it’s complicated… Her favourite cookies are sugar cookies and she likes hot chocolate. She’s in the royal retreat room. Highest stats: 75% Snark and 67% Reckless.

And last, for now, is my trainwreck MC Evie Wallis. I took one for the team during beta, so we could test all of the bad choices. It turned out to be a very interesting experience.
Evie is my ‘bad run’ MC, she snaps at everyone, because she’s very angry at her grandpa about sending her away. That’s why Evie learned to rely only on herself and she doesn’t want to let in anyone close to her. For her I chose Futuristic Futon room, french macaron and tea. Her highest stats are 85% cruel, 67% pessimistic and 66% cautious.
Ironically she has the Empathetic Impressions skill and was into science(astronomy) in the past. I mixed the RO choices in order for her to not focus on anyone, because she’ll go for W. So at the end she had romance points with everyone. I don’t know how this will play out in the next book :thinking:

I plan to create more MCs to try S and B romance. Maybe I’ll make one for the solo J path, but I think I’ll enjoy the J/R path more. We’ll see :wink:


I am tempted to make an evil character who some might say deserves everything the Fernweh spook throws at them…yet I don’t have the heart to be mean or cruel to anyone (even Mrs. Verner). Especially not to Waffles. I suppose it’s an exercise in achievement hunting—maybe this MC is called Laurel Hunter for the puntential?

Rats, I have to make another new MC then (nice problem to have). Arthur’s solidly resistant (65 resistance) to the Fernweh spook’s compulsions (though he’s always worn down in the end, he definitely makes it angry) and is set for a very bad time in the next 3 books.

Wait—W, the Waiter/Waitress is a romance option?


Well, if you make one someone from Fernweh will say to you just that! Are you hooked? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now seriously, I never play evil MCs. Even when I try, at the end they turn out morally grey. But here I tried for real and Evie is now my poor lost child, who is afraid to be nice ant to open up to anyone. Also, I chose the name Evie Wallis because it sounds like evil ollies :rofl:


You should try flirting with him/her :wink: If you do, there’s a special part in the nightmare just for you. And more, but you should see for yourself.


Got this today, enjoying it so far! I had to come to this thread and check whether James was actually an RO; I just finished the initial interactions with him and they threw me off a bit. Glad to see he’s available - can’t wait to continue.


So, I was sick all day with a freaking migraine (and still feel like crap), but decided to go ahead and play this evening. It’s really well written, and the creepy factor is superb. A few questions for those who’ve been through it…

Is R aroace? My first MC, Naia Zane, did the poly with R and J, and it was… discouraging? R is just cold most of the time and J is like a much nicer, more caring version of Adam from Wayhaven. Is R the same way in their solo route? I mean, R is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but I was expecting a bit of romance in my romance.

Maybe it’ll be better if I don’t play a creampuff MC (all heart, very open and friendly, gets sad instead of angry, etc). She’s so damned nice. She flirts, but still tries to be happy as much as possible (and reckless as hell, which amused me to no end for some of the scenes!). So maybe I’ll give it a shot as a crabby, sarcastic, stoic grump. Maybe the romance, or lack thereof, will play a bit better.

Or, if the solo routes are better, lemme know. R/J was just… lukewarm, at best.

Edited to add: I agree about the pup. Anyone who is mean to the dog needs to be rofflestomped.


Based on what I know of your MC Dezh (I hope I’m not spelling it wrong) I think you should enjoy the solo R route much more than the J/R one. I played it with a sarcastic and very bold flirting MC, basically the same MC I use for M’s route in Wayhaven.

And no, R is no aroace, but there’re not many romantic/spicy moments in book 1. My MC Joy is still furious about the way R said goodbye to her at the end, but the author promised she’ll get her revenge in book 2. He is still my favourite RO of the bunch

So I would say it’s a slow burn and no sexy times in book 1 :smiling_imp:


Ah, so all of the romances are slow burn. The two words I have come to dread the most in these games…

Do we know how many books will this series be? And if the romances will progress past the longing looks/barely touching phase before the very end? If not, I really don’t want to bother with the romances at all and will just play for the plot (which is very interesting, interesting enough to make me play this series anyway, which is impressive, since I gave up playing any of them that are romanceless). Tempted to go for the waiter. He definitely shows more interest in my MC than J or R did (despite him being baaaaddd).

Knowing that none of the romances go anywhere, I’ll probably wait a while to play again and just go with the R solo route. Maybe I’ll create a Dezh-like character for this game… or just revamp (haha) Nai, since she’s a new OC and isn’t really cemented yet.

That handshake really pissed me off at the end. And it even pissed off my MC, who rarely got pissed at anything that happened! I don’t want revenge on him, though, I want him to have to grovel.


I also hate slow burn, but here the story is so interesting that I can forgive even the handshake. Joy won’t forgive though and she will have her revenge in book 2. And R solo route with a bold MC is very good, there’s so much sexy tension in the air.

As far as I remember, the reason for the slow burn in book 1 is that the MC is in the town for a few days, so no one will to commit so fast to a long distance relationship. And you know, with everything else that is happening…

I’m not sure how many books it will be - 3, 4? I think @lacunafiction should answer that question.

Oh, you should do it! At least he will kiss you

And now I should go to work, because I’ll be late :unamused:


I don’t forgive it, but I do love the plot and the story. It’s the kind of horror I love most–that slow-building suspense that drags you in deeper and deeper (the very thing I hate in romances, I love in horror :stuck_out_tongue: )

And yeah, it makes sense that there wouldn’t be too much going on or agreement to a long distance relationship after six-ish days, but there were enough intense moments to draw them closer that there should’ve been more than a “see ya” and what amounted to flipping off the MC (from R). I mean, there were several points where he seemed more than amenable to messing around a bit (much like M). Oh well, it is what it is.

I’m just hoping my MC can blow off R (or R and J in the poly) after that whole thing. I hate it when the MCs are dissed and they are the ones to go crawling back asking for help or more from the RO. If I switch to a Dezh-type MC (well, like her but a lot less physically combative!), at this point, she’d sleep in a muddy ditch in freezing rain before she asked R for anything.

Ooh, yeah, maybe I’ll code dive and see what goes on with the waiter. I actually played this one blind, for a change. Time to dive code now.

Thanks for all the answers. And hope work isn’t too terrible!


Did anyone else collect verses other than Verse 1 of the song at the end of the game and not have the achievements trigger? Is this a bug? All other endgame achievements registered just fine

Also I just finished playing through using Laurel. I wonder why the Fernweh 3 (R, S, J) didn’t cut and run in the final chapters and still let them be on her romance route (S, B, R and a certain entity that probably doesn’t mind her casual callousness and possible evil were listed as her romances at the endgame ) after she constantly mocked them, lashed out at them, and made fun of their grief . Poor B and Waffles and even the deer—it HURT being cruel to them. I wanted to throttle my own MC at the end.

It was interesting playing an evil character. But I don’t have the heart to do it again (until the save system is added and Laurel can hunt the bad-end achievements in later books).

@EvilChani B’s route didn’t feel super slow-burn to me, more friends to lovers. I feel like they might be interesting to you.


I’m just in middle of reading this. ( quite slowly bc I’ve been abit busy haha) will post my thoughts here when done but really enjoying it so far! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Played the demo and then bought it. First how injured can you get? I played a ‘safe’ way for my first and my next one is gonna be more ballsy.


Congrats on the release!!! I’ll get to it asap, but I’m sure it’s awesome, since I really liked the demo.