The fantasy WIP "Unknown"



Well, if you don’t have the characters, then there’s no problem with having fewer… :sweat_smile: I’m certainly not trying to get you to add in characters just to be ROs.

Anyway, good luck with your game! :smile:


I’m actually more curious if there’s a supernatural or god-like being that explains why the MC gets transported and whatnot.

In addition to the above, Isekais mostly have a god or high ranking supernatural being apologizing to the MC for ending their life either too early or as an accident. RPG and Fantasy heavy Isekais then have the god give the protagonist a special ability, item, companion, wish, or basically anything that makes them over powered as a way of compensating them for being sent to another world.

I myself am interested in seeing the demo to this pop up. It’s a breath of fresh air not to see another “In Another World…[insert gimmick]”


Heyy. The game is coming along (more slowly some days than others) :sweat_smile:

How long would you say a chapter usually is? My scenes aren’t that text heavy, mediocre I guess, but would 10 scenes be acceptable? I’m planning on setting the bar around there. Just letting you people know! :smiley: :heart:


That is entirely up to you.
I’d say, a chapter tells about an activity; from the beginning to the end.

If you plan to have something like dungeon-crawling, a chapter starts from the prep for this dungeon-crawling and ends when the adventurers cash in their loots.

Of course, if you have something of a plot-twist, you can cut the chapter so it ends when the plot-twist started (for a cliffhanger).


Aha, that makes a lot of sense actually! :laughing:

In that case the first chapter might be split up into two. I hope to post them here within a week or two. :hugs: :heart:


Ooh, an early plot-twist, huh?
In that case, I shall keep an eye for it :eyeglasses:


Weeell, I’m not sure if I would call it a plot twist - but it’s what get the whole story going! :grin:


You said magics real that means im actuomaclly interested :slight_smile:


Glad to hear it! :hugs: :heart:


I just quit a scene without saving, ugh. :disappointed:

On another note, the first draft of the 1st chaper is done. Hurray! :heart: (# proud)


Nah, if you’re using Notepad++ or CS-IDE (the offline one), you should be fine.

But Ctrl - S is a good habit to develop.


Problem is I’m not. I’m using “notes” (directly translated, because I assume that’s what it’s called in english-speaking countries), and there’s no option to go back and retrive what you wrote. :sweat:

I’ve made sure to download Notepadd ++ (it looks so neat!) so hopefully this won’t happen again. :upside_down_face:

I’ll totally use ctrl + S after every sentence from now on…


Heya people!

The game is coming along rather nicely at the moment. I got stuck writing a particular part that just grew and grew. Not to worry, it’s all sorted out now! :laughing:

However, there’s something I’d like to ask you, and that is: how do you feel about character customization? Would you like to have detailed options of how your MC looks (haircolour, hairstyle, clothing, height etc…), or is that a waste of time? :thinking:

So far I have clothing and the hair, er- type? Now that I think about it it only defines the lenght of the hair, not its characteristics (straight, wavy, curley).

I feel like this may grow into one of those choices that doesn’t really matter much to the player? (Although it will affect upcoming scenes just a liitle bit.)

Soo, what’s your opinion(s) on this topic? :grin: :heart:


Well, I have a detailed char-gen on my story, so I’d say, "Go for it".

Of course, creating such a meaningful char-gen isn’t easy to pull off. But feel free to try it ;]


I see, that’s good to know! :smile:

I’ll have to think about this some more, because I really don’t want the choices to feel “irrelevant” or “empty”. I have this sinking feeling if I write them at the moment, they’ll be… :slightly_frowning_face:


I love specifing my hair color and clothing as long as their is the option for custom color


Yup! Idea incubation is one of the cycles to make your idea/concept better, or at least that is what been said on my campus.


I like having the choice of length and things if the game just gives out little nods to it every now and then. Even if it’s shameless. So, if you pick the character’s hair (for example if I can pick long) then you can just have a line here or there to point out the choice I made like: “You have trouble wrangling your long hair in the fierce breeze.” It’s a completely throw away sentence but it’s just a little nod to the choice I made and is all I (personally) need. It feels like the game remembered. It’s basically like a free hug. :hugs:


Okay, so I’ve decided to keep the character discriptions fairly minimal. For now.

When it comes to naming things (be it the colour of your hair, eyes, skincolour etc), I’ll probably lean towards the more creative side of labeling. Mostly because I find it boring to have options about, say haircolor, be: “dark brown”, “blond”, “red”, “black”.

Example of how it might look

I don’t know about you guys, but I hope it suits you as well! :hugs:


I would suggest doing something like caramel (brown) for some players as this could confuse them