The Fallen (WIP) UPDATE:(08/10/2017)


oooooooooooooo sorry i’m not used too positive comments thank well in the next part alot of fighting is involved :grinning:

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Why are there underlines?

My OCD will kill me if you don’t capitalize these words.
There are also some choices that have punctuation, some do not. Some have capital letters, some do not.
Otherwise, the game has potential.

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i know i i’m currently working on that sorry :grin:


i had to increase the relationship stats a bit


Played the demo and I quite enjoy it can’t wait to see more you have in store and quick question is there magic in this world I know there magical enchantments and fantasy races but are mages,magic-user,witches,warlocks? Other than that keep up the good work.:smile:

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yh there’s magic and you can learn from quite a variety of them and for the magic users the are there as well you’ll meet them later in the game

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Thanks for the fast response :smile:


you’re welcome :smile:


Is the ending supposed to be me being killed or injured ?cause that always the ending


no not in this story the are different endings :slightly_smiling_face:


hey guys i need some suggestions on whether you go on an adventure to seek a pet or i should just give you guys just like that if so just name the type of magical creatures you want as a pet :grin:


Adventure. Adventure. I love adventures ( this would also increase replay ability because of different adventures :wink: )

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What I have in mind is:

  • Phoenix
  • Dragon (the size is up to you)
  • unicorn
  • ghoul?
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Magical creatures I want to see as my pets -

A hellhound
A Golem
A dragon
A t-rex
A demon
A shadow creature
A tiger with the reaper’s powers
A Samurai zombie
A samurai skeleton
A gargoyle
A gryphon


thank’s these are all great but i would like to ask how would a ghoul benefit you would they not like attack you unless you have some sort of magical item? if so i’m also adding a part where you will learn magic should i make that part tough as well as hunting for a pet?


Maybe that ghoul was bound by a curse that he shall serve the first person he meet


Magic usually have 2 side, dark and light. Ghoul can be if mc choose​ to pursue dark side, but ghoul probably just be more like puppet though than a pet (unless there a way to make them pet somehow).

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ok i get thanks :grinning:


Busy day at work today so I only got to do a quick read of this, got to ask, will my princess be able to romance another girl?

Some of the big things I noticed is if you enter in your first name then it will blank out your gender, so if you enter in your first and last name it will make your surname your first name. So I decided to use names in the list to avoid those issues. After the sword fight, I wouldn’t address a noble as “Noble-man” it would be Lord soandso, also as a princess no one would call me “M’lord” it would be “M’lady”, then this bandit switches over to “my lord” instead of “m’lord”. In the brothel after I tell them who I am I call myself “The prince” then later well I’m playing detective I get called prince a couple more times, then again when I see the deer :unamused:


well funny story i sort of slept of on my PC while editing and working on a new chapter and well kind of it got mixed up sorry i’ll change that thanks :grin: and for the romance sure anything goes it’s your choice is it not?:smirk: