The Fallen Divine (WIP)

Love this so far. Great job!

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I thought I read all the good and long wip and I just found this one.

Very good job, can’t wait for the release.
One question, some people said there are two RO, is it implemented in this version or only in alpha ? I haven’t found how to triger it yet.


The Princess and the Angel messenger guy are the two RO’s if I recall correctly, Idk about triggering them, you can flirt with both of them though.


Dear Author! This has been a wonderful ride. I hope the journey is even better!!! I can’t wait for this to be published!


I got a question, we have to set the angel free to romance him, right?


How many chapters does the public demo have right now ?

it goes to 5 from what i looked at.

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Is this even being worked on anymore?

yes. Their patreon is still active.

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probably focusing on the Alpha.

Huh? Is there another demo I’m not aware of because I managed to play a demo that had 13 chapters by paying 1 dollar

It listed on the Patreon that to access the Alpha Demo, you have to pay for the $20 membership. Unless it changed and it wasn’t listed on Patreon or this Forum.

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Real shit, I had cash to spare earlier this year so I played the Alpha and kept the link until it seemingly stopped updating. Think I still have it just in case, but no way I’m resubscribing so I’ll just wait till the game actually comes out. Not spending $40 on a IF


Cool concept but I feel like where it’ll end up won’t be satisfying. We already know the end, possible villains & conflict within 2 chapters.

By the way, the story is leaning too much into heaven & not hell.


Forgot to ask but was this recent or somewhere earlier this year before they changed it to the $20 option?

Probably late to this but I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to be a standalone as there probably will be 2 or 3 stories of this. From what I can tell in the public demo, one book isn’t enough to cover the lore and the upcoming companions so it makes sense for the first book to focus more on Heaven while Hell will be the main focus for the second one.

In terms of power scaling, it feels like heaven should be the last thing you expand on. Unless the author created a class of demon/devil of higher or equal strength to seraphim.

In that case, this story is grander than I assumed. Thought it was gonna be a single story.

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The MC’s father probably was on the same level as a seraphim considering he somehow managed to seal Hell away and keep those demons locked up and I have to assume when it comes to power scaling at the end of this, the MC probably could Thanos dust everybody on sight. I don’t know how the demons would feel towards the MC as the only indication we really have is the demon aunt for now.

Plot wise, it does make sense to me that Heaven should be dealt with first since they’re responsible for the deaths of the parents. And there might be a power struggle as soon as Hell is open for the MC to reign over

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Recently. I played it about a month or two ago

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