The Fallen Divine (WIP-Chapter 3 Update and Tumblr)



Cant wait to see more!


Loved the demo :heart_eyes: Can’t wait for more!



Why dont you have MC default form as you imagine it and then allow mc to choose how he/she looks ? sort of passive glamour ? that could keep both sides satisfied as it fits into lore while allowing player to change the look


The MC’s “unusual” traits like their claws, wings, horns are either part of the story that will be explained in the future or plays a huge role in how they fight.

But for the skin and hair, I already removed the specific color indications. And I will work more on that right before I update for the second chapter :slight_smile:



honestly i feel that while its usually good idea to make the MC non identifiable so everyone can identify here it doesnt work, Imho you should have kept it, But Either 1- have the hair and skin be physical apperance while having the mc choose apperance of their soul(ie MC default form is what you described previous but players can choose how mc looks) or you can just swap the soul and physical apperance. Perhaps having the previous apperance in dream sequence. Or hell 2: Just have player choose how MC looks and the previous apperance was MC natural form before he/she choose her form. Hell you could just make it so that angels and demons choose different form at adulthood the one their are comfortable with.

Im definitely interested in this btw althrought i wonder how you deal with the absence of non personality limits as you have no skill or stats just personality, there are other games but they usually have, what ? 8-9 stats at minimum.


For the stats, I’m hoping it becomes more apparent for the readers of how it’s going to work once I finished the next chapter. Since the stats will be updated and will keep updating as the story progresses.


Hmmm! I loved the demo! Hope to see more!

The recruiting of humans is super fun haha


If you look up, i made a reply on how to do those things, the fight thing is in the quote below this quote, and you could just change the story or split it up into good/bad ending.


Don’t think he should change his story seems great to me I enjoy works like these the most something about them I can’t put my finger on it anyways not looking for an argument just don’t think it’s right to ask someone to change their story when they put work even if it wasn’t a lot into it


I think you have to tweak the Merciful/Ruthless stats a bit.
In the game it seems like choices that use your angelic powers increases the merciful stat while demonic powers make you ruthless, and as we saw angels aren’t always merciful and can be pretty nasty too.

Maybe make Merciful and Ruthless based purely on how your character acts like while your powers will influence a new stat of Demon/Angelic (and the choice of your sanctuary appearance will influence this stat too). Also using Demonic powers shouldn’t always be ruthless, you could always try to use your claws to aim directly at your enemy’s throat and kill them quickly rather than being brutal.



I’ve been working on the second chapter of the story. And a few things have changed from my original plan for the chapter and how it’s going so far.

And the biggest change is that I decided to put in potential ROs.

BUT I will say that the romance may not be explored as deep as most would hope. At least not yet.

You will meet the ROs briefly in the next chapter.

What do everyone think about shifting points of view from the protagonists to the antagonists?

Personally, I love reading about other character’s points of view. And that’s what I did when the MC chose a champion. I was thinking of shifting the point of view in an interlude(is that what it’s called?) or something to the antagonist.

But what do you guys think?

I think it’s more of how Angels kill, and how Demons kill.

The MC is acting more on instinct than anything else. With their interactions with their parents, the MC has associated the darkfire(or other Demonic qualities) with anguish and such, while the radiance(Angelic qualities) with tranquility and whatnot. Thus, ruthless and merciful.

The MC is just as clueless about Angels and Demons as the Humans. They were raised in the mortal plane after all. And all they have to go on is what little they learned from their parents and the things Sariel told them.

I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

Though I will be adding a new ‘Alignment’ stat, which will basically keep track of how much you use your two racial abilities. But that’s about it. It will just keep track of them.

The MC is both races after all, not just one or the other. I don’t want to give readers the impression that the MC will gravitate towards one as it will beat the overall objective of the protagonist.


Hey, one question. (I don’t now if you mentioned it somewhere but i’m too lazy to look)
How many words do plan to have in your game? (Estimate)


I’m gonna be honest with you. I’m not sure :smile:

Though when I planned everything, right before writing it, I told myself that I want to put in at least 150k words(excluding lore and backstories).

But I think(so far), I might surpass that since I scrapped the idea that there will be no ROs. And as I’m writing the story, more ideas pop into my head, so the estimated word count might go up as I progress through the writing.

I’m not sure if that’s detrimental or no, or it’s just how things really are. This is the first story with world-building and a series of arcs that I’m writing, and I’m still learning. And for now, that’s my approach in writing this.

So yes, you can expect over 150k words :slight_smile:


Will our champion be a romance?


Heck, i hope my game will reach at least 30k (including that one, dark juicy backstory)
I have a hard time doing the game since i originally planned my story to be a book, but since i saw all the games i was like “Yeah, i have to make a game.”

So i planned to make a baddass cover while revealing a backstory but i realised that would be taking the dark feel off, so i split the game and added some things. It’s so f-ing hard to turn a book into a game. But so far, the playtesters i have said it’s good so far and people in my poll said they are mostly interested.

But i had to make a challenge for myself to write + - 3k words in one/two days and release the complete playtest version of my game. (Why did i even write this and not just a simple “Ok, luv ur game”?) Anyway, hope i make it.


Nope. But another character will be.


Freaking looooooove it! The story, the characters, everything! When the demo ended i was like „wtf noooooo” „i want more!NOW!” Simply perfect, the only thing that ticked me off a little was that my champion had to be male:d otherwise perfect, cant wiat for more!


I had to make their genders and races(for future ones) fixed so that I’d have a better grasp of the characters. And so that I can keep myself sane when I write their scenes :smile:

But there is a female champion you can choose from.


The one with the magic sword, if I recall correctly.


Yeah i got her on my third playthrough:) I don’t know if it’s intentional but she’s calling me rudely by my name and not my chosen title;( (it happens only once od twice but still). Is that correct? Because i think she’s the only one, both special boy and demon toy call my character by title:)