The Fallen Divine (WIP-Chapter 3 Update and Tumblr)



thats actually a good idea! add it! add it! :smiley:


Love it being angels and demons together


It’d be nice if when describing what the oc looks like, we weren’t automatically white. Kinda breaks the immersion if we’re given the option of altering just to have skin decided for us.


For me it’s being blond that breaks immersion.

I’m hispanic, my coloring is brown on brown on brown.

I have an easier time picturing myself as a half angel half demon than I do a blond. :slight_smile:


About the skin and hair colors:

I was conflicted about these myself. But the reason I didn’t gave the readers control over them is because the lore and the future story texts will always describe the Angels as creatures with pale skin and Demons with a bodily shade of ghastly blue. It’s their established racial trait.

And if, say, one gives their MC a beige skin, then it would fall into the Human or Dwarven or even Elven traits, which the MC is neither. I was afraid that this will throw people off, as I already made an MC that is different. And having more flexibility with the skin color will make the MC TOO different. Because I was thrown off myself when I imagined my MC as brown(like me).

But still, I’ll try and think of a workaround for these stuff :slight_smile:


Love it can’t wait to see more


Hey, just a quick question, why is that the MC’s parents didn’t move to the sanctuary immediately after they built it, because wouldn’t it be safer than living in the forest?

Also, great story I love it. (especially when you can be kinda evil) :clown_face:


Well… that’s waaaaayyy up there in the spoilers :smile:

Let’s just say that the Sanctuary is unfinished, and it’s more than just a home. The MC’s parents never intended to die the way they did. The passing of the essence was just a contingency IF they were found by the Angels while in the mortal plane. And I’ve already said enough :slight_smile:


Oops, Sorry for asking such weird question :stuck_out_tongue:

also, thanks for answering.


Maybe it’d be better if you didn’t directly mention the MCs hair or skin color at all. Basically, instead of the MC being described as having porcelain skin or platinum blonde hair you could just say they look “angel-like” or “celestial” or “aetherial.” It’s vague enough to leave the MCs appearance up to the readers own interpretation, but is specific enough that you’re not compromising lore. :relaxed:


Okay, something occurred to me.

Why exactly do demons differ from angels in looks?

Getting the motto “show me the money” shouldn’t result in growing horns.

So did they choose to alter their appearance? Did the angels curse them so people could tell the difference? Or what?

If demons chose to be demonic looking, then it would be reasonable for the PC, being the most powerful celestial being ever, could also craft their appearance. If that’s what happened.


The story is really intriguing! Would love to see more!!


I edited the texts earlier. But I just simply removed any indication of the MC’s skin color.

I’d definitely edit it again sometime in the future. The reason I didn’t get into much editing earlier is because I’m kind of immersed right now in writing chapter 2. So… yeah :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestion, I think what you said will actually work :slight_smile:


The Demons aren’t the only ones that changed, the Angels did too.

When the Angels started to take in the innocent essences, those who were much more involved in doing it grew a second and a third wing. The Seraphs and the Cherubs. I think I put that somewhere in the lore texts.

Then the Demons did the same and took in the essences of the sinful. In my mind, the first changes were much more subtle, like changes in the skin, eyes or teeth, stuff like that.

But when they started to consume the essences of their own kind(this one’s in the Soul and Mana lore, if I remember correctly), the changes in their appearances continue. Then those changes pile over centuries.

The changes of the Angels are much more subtle since what they consumed are already virtuous like them. And they actually stopped there. But the Demons, well, they went for it to say the least :smiley:


Btw, what clothes are the mc wearing? What age are we when we finally awaken a decade later? Also do we get to choose our hair colour? Lol


Does having more wings mean you are stronger? The MC seems to have 6 wings


I think I had the MC wearing a vest tunic when they woke up, and they wore it until they brought the champion back to the Sanctuary. From then on, I think I’ll just let the readers imagine what their MC would be wearing. Armor, tunic, or anything else from medieval times. Though I imagine my character wearing leather pants with spikes and chains on them :smile:

As for age, the MC is over a decade during the prologue. Then another 12 years after that when they woke up.


For Angels, it does.

Though Archangels are an exception to that rule.


I love your story, I can’t wait to seen more.:grin:


For ROs there would be no need for the entire cast to be ROs only one or two people would be amazing and even then they don’t have to be romantic they could be just political marriages, or one and physical lovers since the MC is half Angel Half Demon so I don’t see him being opposed to that depending on the route the readers take the MC.

You could even have an ant-RO sorta character where you only marry them because you are forced to that would make an interesting dynamic