The Fallen Divine (WIP-Chapter 3 Update and Tumblr)



Ah, I see. I told her that losing isn’t an option. Wrong words were used, I’m sorry miss golem mage. Lol


whoops i meant the convo the two champions have before the match


Oh, okay. I didn’t actually think that would matter hahaha (I suck as a leader)


Your choice during the fight is also affect the outcome (if u dont know).


Always play to the champion and mage’s strength. Sure I take the easy mode by giving them 50% on both of their stats, but if you do play to their strength then you can win.


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This game is great


Please do not ask for updates regarding this story.


Really nice story line and a great read can’t wait for other chapters



Hey, yo, played this game a while ago, played it around 4+ after the first.

Keep up the good work chief!

Got some good shit going on here.


I quite enjoyed the game. Trying to build an army as the powerful offspring of an angel and a demon is badass. I like how I can choose whether to tear or talk my way through certain situations. I think my favorite choice was to playfully scare that one guard, it was a very ‘I have power and you can’t do shit about it, bitch’ kind of moment lol, and I wish there were more moments where I could ‘play’ like that with humans and casually show off my power over them.

About the arena match. Some of the choices to my people losing led me to believe that I would be able to punish the idiots for the embarrassment that they caused me…? But by the end of the demo, it seemed like the arena loss was like it never happened. As an example, when Riva told me that she would lead my army in chapter 3, I really really REALLY wanted to have the option to tell her to fuck off or at least, “You already disappointed me in the arena match, tell me why should I entrust you with a whole army?” I REALLY didn’t want her to be leading any army.

On the topic of followers, I think it would be nice if we could hang out with them or have a talk. To get to know them better and maybe even bond. As it is now, we don’t really do much with them apart from the original meeting.

I also want to touch the POV changes in the game. While I think you really nailed some parts of it, I do have issues.
Seeing others react to my character is really fun. How they get scared, how they lose their breath, how they get intimidated. I play a chaotic neutral character, and seeing others react like that to my character is amazing and satisfying af xD. It’s also like a nice mini-break for the player to just sit back and read.
BUT (I don’t know if this is the case with the other champions as well since I recruited Riva) the POV change to her was far, far too long. What other kingdoms do, what battles were fought where, locations etc. these things, for me, as the player, were both too heavy and out of place. The only thing that stayed with me was the fact that one of the kingdoms uses mercenaries for their army. And that’s a bad thing if I’m supposed to remember all that was written about the various kingdoms. I think either removing them, breaking them apart and sprinkling them to various parts of the story, or creating codex entries for them in the menu would be a better alternative and would help players not feel overwhelmed by the influx of information.

But anyway, that’s all I had to say. I may add a few things when I replay the game. Thank you for reading.


The Champion and the Mage that was chosen are actually companions and not followers(I refer to them as ‘main companions’). For now, they seem like servants, but as the story progresses I intend them to build a friendly relationship with the MC. ‘Punishing’ them would be somewhat counterproductive.

*the characters that can actually be referred to as followers would be Gladius, the three Cardinals, and even the Ro Owan Generals.

The MC is building an army, going to war against two races at the top of the food chain, and in that journey the main companions are the characters who will be the closest allies to the MC. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pull it off, but I’ve always wanted this story’s spotlight to not be only on the MC, but also the main companions who were with them along the way. Hence, the changes in POVs. Think of it like having multiple characters, like an RPG, you don’t only get to control the main protagonist but also the secondary characters.

Also, the arena loss actually dictates whether Emperor Gideon would be healed or not. This scene after the assembly also differs if you lost or not.

Well the main reason why the MC recruited a Champion in the first place was because they needed someone to lead the army they will build.

That’s something I already intend to put in. As it is now, Chapter 3 is currently incomplete because of the side scenes where the MC gets to hang out with the Champions and Mages.

And for your last point…

This is my biggest dilemma. I have a crap ton of information about the world, how magic in this world works, the weapon enchantments, the races and their subraces, etc. (I enjoyed world building too much) When I read what I’ve written so far, I also got the impression that it was a lot of information at once. I thought it was just me since no one is really saying anything about it. But I’m already planning to rewrite those scenes and put the information on the countries on the stat page. There’s a lot of plans, really, but my free time is continuously declining…

Anyway, thanks for the feedback!