The Fallen Divine (WIP-Ch4 Update-03/30/2020)

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Author’s Request

Chapter 4 is now updated!

It’s not yet complete, but I wanted to put out an update as soon as I can.

If there are any problems with the update, let me know.

Stay safe and healthy!


Hell yeah! Can’t wait to read through the update! I’m waiting for those like a little kid for a christmas gift :smile:


Welcome back DzHonest hope you are doing well


You’re back. God bless yer. I been waiting for this. :heart_eyes:


I was wondering if something had happened to this WIP. I can’t wait to check it out.


Thanks for the update but have you ever thought of making a discord server so all the fans of your book could chat and just hang out and you may even be able to make announcements on fallen discod name is licht if you do make a server friend code is#2880.

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Never really thought about it before. Managing a discord server sounds like a lot of work, and I have no idea how.

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It’s pretty easy once you have everything in place like the roles and the rooms if you do make a discord server i can help you run it because i already help manage 2 other servers.


Is it just me or the stats is not working? It doesn’t load for me, just stuck.

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@DzHonest great story so far and can’t wait to read more! I did encounter a few errors though. After meeting the assasin Jeorun there are a few instances where he refers to my female MC as a he, and then there was a error loading his name.


It’s back :clap::clap::clap: and it’s still very exciting well worth the wait :heart:

One thing though; are the champion stats bugged? Sylvan (champion) kicked major butt in the battle and his rep didn’t raise at all like it did after the arena fight. Also when I gave Sin (assassin) her powers she wasn’t appearing on my stats page.


I played through the update once, and it worked fine for me. I filled the stat page with a bunch of stuff so it might load slower as the game progresses.

It’s a balancing issue of the stats. Unless I really want the characters’ reputation to increase, I try to hold off on giving points on every successful fight. I wouldn’t want the champions and the last introduced companions to have an unreasonably large margin in terms of reputation(or even loyalty). Anyway, those stats will be checked and balanced by the time the game is finished.

As for the assassins’ powers, I simply forgot to put in the code for them to appear in the stat page. By the time I realized, the update is already up :sweat: I’ll fix them by the next one.


Maybe by the time the first book is done? Or if the demand for it high? This is my first project, I don’t want to irresponsibly take on too much.


Okay! I’ll check it out sometime later then. Thanks for heads up :+1:

Eyeing you with disgust, he continues, “But how would you know? You’re no Angel.”

Ding! Ding! And the prize…for stating the Obvious and think he can make it an insult…goes to…that guy! :smile:

The “twinkle”

can we get the option to stick that archangel with the nickname of ‘twinkle’ ? Why not? nobody interrupt butt-kicking for Goddness! :laughing:

Lady Lilith. Most of heaven wants you dead."

being popular, such a burden…Sigh…see thats why I never go on facenuke! :rofl:

a clear show of non-aggression that makes him look bizarrely meek.

That’s because he is!!! My guts don’t lie!! he is in the category of ‘Sniffling idiot!’’ XD

So Sinivic, we can’t have ‘Both’ ? and if we can, I gotta say all 3 choices are kinda…very very vague. I can’t really tell what they actually do at first glance when you gotta choose which one to pick .

Edit: Also, just remembered something!

When you meet Sniffling idiot up there? You have 3 choices.

  • He look strong
  • He is intimidating if I’m honest
  • He look good dismembered

Well, the thing is…if I’m playing as a badass that go no violent routes if I can help it. None of those choices resonate well. You add the ‘Troll’ run, where you scare peoples for fun and such, so we kinda need more chocies that could reflect them personality…pwease?


The first choice is smoke, the second choice is living shadows, the third choice is smoke with shadows following (i.e. living shadows).

It took me a second aswell since the other times it was REALLY obvious, but it is there.


nice catch! Thanks! But yeah, at first Glance…all I did was frown lol cose it all sounded the same to me! :wink:

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I’ve just finished the demo and like it a lot. Loved the combinations of reactions our mc can have based on your status, it really does a difference in a story. I could play an clever piece of s*** yet merciful mc because the more they trust in me, the bigger the fall, love cut people’s heads tho. :smiling_imp: