The Fallen Divine (WIP-Ch4 part 2 Update-06/30/2019)

What if you can’t then they’ll either get sent to hell or wander the Earth forever. What about the regular Angels it was the Seraphim’s who were sent to kill you they didn’t do anything?

Hm, maybe create a new private Heaven where only I can have access to it and if someone I like dies I could just guide their spirit or something there personally.

And for the angels, like I said before, kill them all.

Then what about Sariel? She’s an angel.

Maybe Sanctuary can fulfill that purpouse already, and with the angels, I’d be happy just having revenge on those that wronged me or those I care for, and the angels that stand in my way and goals, as long as they don’t enter in those categories they are somewhat safe.

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She’s cool. She already swore her fealty to me so technically by that, she can’t harm me. Plus being known as the destroyer of Heaven and having a sole surviving angel on my side would make quite a impression on everyone else.

Well your aunts most likely gonna hate you then.

Well yeah that’s true since Sariel doesn’t even know everything about the Sanctuary.

Not Levianna. She probably would be laughing her head off while I’m busy slaughtering the angels standing in my way.

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Levianna isn’t evil as far as I know and it’s seems she closer to Sariel and isn’t bound to you as well so she can abandon you if she wants.


Yeah I’m aware of that. But the thing is that my MC already swore vengeance so being the absolute ruler isn’t really the top priority for him. He’s just more concerned with killing the angel uncle first then destroying Heaven for trying to kill him all of the time.

And his name just happens to be Thanos lol

But it’s just your uncle and the Seraphim’s hunting you not the other Angels.

Yeah I know but to him, they’re all the same regardless. He just tends to favor his demonic side more than his angel side. I mean, he even executed the mage that was pretending to be the Emperor in front of everyone.

Wait to can do that how? He was pissing me off the whole time.

To do that, grab his neck when he’s claiming to be the Emperor after you win the match and meet the royals for the first time. Then there should be a option that says kill him personally then you get a sweet scene of your MC executing the mage. That or you could make him suffer for life by using your demonic magic and throw him in the dungeons.

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I can’t seem to win with Riva and Penny. They both have high relationship with each other.

Not exactly. There are still a lot of unknowns about him. You will get the chance to know him in the next chapter. Though judging by your conversation, you don’t exactly want anything to do with him :smile:

So much hate for Heaven :joy:
Hell is pretty much a blank canvas at this point. Who knows, you might hate it even more.


Really? All you have to do is play to their strengths (depending on what you chose when passing on the essence to them.) For Riva, I had her use the magic sword in different ways and for Penny, I had her create a fire golem.

Sir, bring on your worst! Haha :rofl:

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Could you tell me the choices you picked. Also I gave them both boosts of powr does that have anything to do with it.

Well I used all champions and all mages in my playthroughs and I gotta say the nercomancer was the hardest (most likely the stat bug I found a while back.)

But yeah giving them two things when passing on the essence is supposed to be “easy mode” from what it said in the game. But I’ll be glad to tell you what I did.

Riva. Used the magic sword to turn it into different weapons. I can’t remember what was the second fighting options for Riva were but I’ll check in a moment.

And Penny. Focused on creating a golem then forced it to be created faster by using fire magic, turning it into a fire golem which should be the 2nd option that pops up for Penny before the end of the fight.

for Riva I choose to enhance her magic sword and then choose to confuse the oponent with versatility, with penny if you choose independent golems you need to buy time for it to create itself, if you choose the elemental ones, you have to put fire on it and then in the end help it to finish it’s forming