The Fallen Divine (WIP-Ch4 part 2 Update-06/30/2019)

Hard to say really. Gremory said he closed Hell which means no demons can enter or leave. Levianna seems to have a hatred of goblins, orges and beastmen if I remember right. So the only possible answer I could think of is that she somehow managed to get an army full of barbarian humans which would be definitely right up her alley, unless there’s something else we haven’t seen yet or Levianna somehow found a loophole/secret entrance that Gremory somehow didn’t know about, thus bringing us a demon army.

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Good theory, though one question still remains what does she intend to do once she reaches Ro Owa, she must be expecting that Ro Owa is bound to interpret this as a declatation of war

Most likely expecting us to take control of the army then use it to conquer Ro Owa and all of the neighboring countries. After all, our main enemy is basically both Heaven and Hell themselves.

I don’t know really but I’m looking forward to seeing Aunty Levianna again.


I was supposed to do a scene from Levianna’s perspective to give more background to the Angel who brought MC the message since he’s an RO as well, but I scrapped it. So I guees it would be alright to say something.

This will be a spoiler. But not conclusion spoiler. More like mid season finale spoiler.

The period of time that the MC has been asleep, that Levianna has been away, and that Ro Owa had been having trouble with the other Northland countries seem a bit suspicious, don’t you think?


Ooooooh jeeez… Aunty, what the hell did you do while we were asleep?!

Who are the ROs though?

Oh dear, oh dear…
Levianna what are you plotting…

Linaria and the Angel who brought the MC the message at the end of chapter 2.


Okay, now that would be interesting to see the romance dynamic between a half angel- half demon and a human.

I’m assuming that from this point forward, this angel we met in Chapter Two is going to end up being one of our allies since you said he’s a RO?

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That was one of the things I’ve been thinking a lot about before writing the story. And it bothered me so much that I never got anything donee so I just told myself, “screw it, I’m gonna do it!” :grin:

But this is also my first story, so I’m hoping that this would help me grow and develop. Help me find out what works for me and what doesn’t. It’s going to be a trilogy so I think I have plenty of time to figure things out. Well, I hope anyway.

Also, the story will revolve around the MC. But I also think of the people beside him as part of the main cast that the reader also have control over.

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Can I kill him, let him die or not let him be apart of my group? Got an all female harem thing going on even my MC is female and she’s going after Linaria. Don’t need to this annoying angel guy ruining things.


It seems we share a mind @No_This_Is_Patrick I was thinking about asking something like that too lol.


Kill all angels. Not Sariel though. She’s cool.

But definitely kill all angels and destroy Heaven itself. That’s my main goal :slight_smile:


Yeah my female MC got an all female harem she don’t need dead weight.
@MichaelCrank If you destroy Heaven you’ll shrink your domain and all you’ll have is Hell.


Hell is all I need. Especially after Heaven told all seraphims to kill me and Mom, I’m still holding a grudge over that.

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Then all you’ll be is the Ruler of Hell doesn’t sound as frightening and powerful as the Ruler of Heaven and Hell AKA Angels and Demons kiss my ass regularly.

I usually do that too, but I have a soft spot for necromancy, and he seems to be a cool guy so I choose him and I couldn’t let gladius live on his own to be tortured by the discrimination of humans so he was welcome to join aswell but I certanly don’t want that angel roaming around.

What if I were to conquer the entire human civilization and Hell itself? And send everyone I don’t like directly to Hell to suffer for eternity. And I could like set Heaven on fire for every living being to witness it.

What gonna happen to the people you do like where will they go?
@Nazroth I didn’t want a goblin following me around and don’t care for necromancers.

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I’ll find a way to make them immortal.

If that is even possible to pull it off.