The Fallen Divine (WIP-Ch4 part 2 Update-06/30/2019)


In the first book at least only Linaria (princess) and Josaphat, the angel you captured. More is coming in the next book.

But it’s not Sariel though.


Is it bad this would sadden me as I’m not really interested in either of these characters? This is one of those things where, I’m more interested in the characters that AREN’T options.

(I’m totally not looking at our Demon “aunt” right now.)


Well… actually Levianna is legit the sister of our father, unlike Sariel who is just the bodyguard for your mother.

But i get it. I too feel that some of these characters should be romanceable. But hey! Let’s think of it as @DzHonest making characters so likable that we thought they were ROs


I get you, Look at Cole* my heart twitching whenever I realize he’s not an LI and remember what happened in Trespasser. Tough I’m interested in Sylvan, he and Baptiste’s interactions are so funny. But look at the bright side, they are still in our team, and the other characters are adorable as well!

And may I ask how to make texts smaller?

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When you open the demo, press the settings button at the top, between achievements and save slots.

Thanks the answer but no… I mean what Janata said “not looking at our demon ‘aunt’” is much smaller…

Here’s the good question for everyone that has read the entire demo.

Do you think that our MC will be able to meet our grandparents someday since that it was kind of implied that they may still be alive. And if so, do you think they will join our side once they realize that the MC ruling both Hell and Heaven is exactly what their daughter wanted for us?


Oh shoot… sorry I misunderstood.

Good question…

I think considering what they did toward mortal…thats enough to convince me…they were amazing like your parents…and if we can find them…they probably will stand by us . Awwwwwwww damn…the reunion gonna make me tear up…:hugs:forgot to add, homewhever…if you choose a different goal…they may choose not to . BUt I’m definitly going for the Mom&Dad dream…so yeah, can’t wait for it to happen…it gonna be bitersweet…be you angel or demon…you can still cry .

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@MichaelCrank @E_RedMark But Ishmael is their kid, you know.

So?..more family drama lol and beside…parents encourage their childrens to not follow in their footsteps . Sometime they do as well, and the child deviate from what they wanted from them.

Regardless, I know it won’t be cut and easy as ‘GrandMA! GrandPa! You owe years of gifts! lets catch up!’’ lot of hugs ensue…and happy dandy lol .

But that’s what make it good…and beside…regardless how they turn out, good or bad…side with IShmael or the devil himself…we cant controle them . we can only controle how we react…and its gonna be awesome regardless of the outcome!

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: beside…I’m all covered in the kleenex departement…so do your worst! lol

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To be honest with you, I’m still gonna kill him no matter what anyone would say about him in the story.

Plus Aunt Levianna promised me that we would use his head to decorate our throne room.


lol Good point! Right above the 2 devils in the hall! :grin:

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Was more thinking like using his head as the centerpiece of the throne with the Angels on one side with the demons on the other side standing guard. Sariel and Levianna would be the only people that stands near the Emperor/Empress when they’re sitting with their followers being in front of the steps leading to the throne.

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yeah…but I dont want that idiot ogling and hovering over my shoulder .

Maybe install buzzer in his mouth…and put his head on a pike…at the entrance .


Who said he was gonna talk? I’m sewing his eyes and mouth shut.


didnt say Talk…I said Ogling…and hovering lol…

ewwww…talking dead head…gross ! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It’s weird…but I,m getting a deja-vus-sense…and this story is reminding me of the Mask of the Betrayer…Ishmael being that D-Bag…whats his name? The brother of Akachi ?..

Maybe just me…only had 4h sleep y’know…so talking zombie lol

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cant wait to beat some ass in next update after they tried to assassinate me :slight_smile: