The Fallen Divine (WIP-Ch4 part 2 Update-06/30/2019)

“Bring me… Ishmael!


Hope there’s no you should’ve gone for the head moment with Ishmael.


Ahaha the interaction between Penny and Sylvan is like its straight outta an anime. Love it.

some minor stuff

Space in humble


Unless I missed something, there’s an oddity with the new material

I accepted the beastman gladiator into my service, but there was no mention of him that I saw in the new material.

Including when I was counting the halfling among my vassals, which should number four with the beastman, not three.


If Gladius was recruited, he will be put under the Champion’s command. So in Chapter 4, he is currently with the army as part of the invading force.

As for how Sariel and the MC counted the vassals, they’re only referring to the ones that piqued their interest until that moment: the Champion, the Mage, and the Halfling.

Gladius and the three Cardinals had made themselves known to the MC and expressed their desire to serve them. If they had not, the MC would not have considered asking them to join. Thus, the choice comes up whether you want them to be vassals or not.


No, but there would totally be a scene where the MC gets blasted off very far and someone happens to find them. That someone will say:

“It’s like a Demon made a baby with an Angel.”


Okay now that’s pretty awesome.

Are we also going to get the Thanos in Wakanda style scene considering we can teleport to different places with the portal? If not then I’d be totally be cool with a snippet since I’m interested to see how everyone would react to that moment in the story’s universe.


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An exciting, unique take on a much played out trope. I only hope you can add romance to the story as well.


There is two so far. Imperial Princess Linaria and the head of the Common Angels, Josaphat but there isn’t really much for now.


I… can’t… get… enough… of… this… story… I love it, the only thing noticed is after taking the lion warrior in, he doesn’t show up again at all. He’s in chapter two obviously but not in 3/4 he could at least be one of the assasains visitors during their four day imprisonment by Maybelle’s daggar. It was Maybelle wasn’t it? Or did he go with the warrior to capture the city? if so it doesn’t mention him doing so I don’t think. But your the author and I’ll love your story regardless.

You missed the author’s answer to that issue six posts up.

Hope this helps!

Awesome, very much enjoyed the characters, although I would like to see more scenes where we can interact and build bonds, I do find it well written so far, and the story has me hooked!


I think a more appropriate word is death

Ishmael: “I am inevitable.”

MC: “ And I …am… the ruler of the fallen divine.”

Que the curb stomp battle. That starts with a finger snap


It would be awesome if we got some Thanos, Hela, or Ultron reminiscent lines for our more villainous MCs.


Yes! If the author is reading this comement make it happen! Give us the awesome one liners!!!

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The best way to do that would be for the reader put the text themselves so everyone could get what they want.

Hey, just a quick question. Is Sariel a RO? considering she isn’t really your Aunt.