The Fallen Divine (WIP-Ch4 part 2 Update-06/30/2019)

Quick question. Will there be a scene where we’d be sitting on our throne while Gladius just sits next to us and we’d be patting on his head like a pet? I think it’d be pretty neat considering a Beastman would let us do this.

Considering Gladius’ backstory, he won’t let himself be treated like that. In fact, no Beastman will.

I’m just guessing, but is the scene that gave you the idea that he’d let the MC do this the one when you recruit him? When he snuggles into you? If it is, then that’s just a Lion Beastman’s way of creating trust. He’s putting his scent on yours, and familiarzing himself with your scent.


… Yes. Yes, it was. I can’t exactly resist on not having an awesome Beastman in my group.


Make sense since he’s been treated like a slave he wouldn’t want to be treated like a pet instead. :sweat_smile:


Pets in America are treated wonderfully tho

Absolutely loved it!!! Im really excited to see where the story goes now.

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OH MAI GAD!!! There’s angels and demons, we can have an elf, a beastman and a goblin as our followers. What else could you ask for???

Also the concept of viewing from other character perspective is amazingly portrayed in this demo. Good Job👍

Also why at the end of the demo Levianna used an angel as a messenger? I thought she doesn’t have enough power to control them that far.


She’s the sister of your father. Also one of the Duchesses of Hell if I remember right so she’s powerful enough to do that with the hellfire.

I’m so excited for this!!! How’s it comin along?

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Like mentioned above, Leviana IS powerful. But the Angel was not controlled in a ‘puppet with strings’ kind of way.

Pretty well actually :fist: I’m happy with what I’ve got so far. And even more glad about the semester ending and I can finally focus on this!


I loove iìiit, soo excited for more!

Oh, will there be romance, and if so, what would the options be?

Imperial Princess Linaria and the angel that we meet at the end of the current demo so far.


Hi, I love your game, I hope I can get to know the MC world better :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Can we ask the MC magician to increase the number of our army?
Is it difficult to maintain a magical exercise?
The nuclei of the golems are rare?
Can we create a permanent golem?
Do corpses consume mana regularly or only when they are created?
If a follower dies can we relive it?
The MC can heal his followers?
The demon / angel meter is as bad / good or it is with what faction we get along better.
I hope the questions do not bother you :blush::blush::blush:
Thank you and have a lot of luck


It doesn’t bother me at all :v: Though one of your questions actually step on deep spoiler territory so I’m only going to answer those that don’t.

If you mean casting spells: There are spells that require huge amounts of mana to activate, and it’s the process of pouring mana into that spell that tires out the caster. Mana is an endless resource in Elysis, and it’s how much mana one can manipulate into a spell that is a measure of a mage’s strength.

The “heart” of the golems that Penny created is actually a method of Animation magic that she invented herself. Which is why Agara wanted her back so much. And the golems that are created exist until the heart is destroyed.

Only corpses that are casted on by a Necromancy spell. And depending on the spell, undeath can spread like a virus among other corpses. There is actually a place in the Northlands that is the perfect example of this(apart from Trisio Forest).

For the most part, I was never a fan of characters coming back to life. But that’s just me. Angels can possibly revive mortals, but only those souls that wander into Heaven. Healing on the other hand requires a high control of an Angel’s abilities, which as of now, the MC doesn’t have.

It’s the side of the MC’s self that the reader favors. But you shouldn’t worry about the siding with either Heaven and Hell, for now, they both despise the MC.


When I read this. I can’t help but remember that scene in Rise of the Lycans when Elder Vampire dude was yelling at his daughter cuz she had conceived a child with the Werewolf dude.

“That thing growing inside you is a MONSTROSITY!”

Just flip to Angels and Demons, it works! lol


Will that affect the story? Perhaps in the description of our character or maybe make us more leaning towards one of the two faction

Having both of them hates me makes it all better when I do conquer both Heaven and Hell then execute all of those that despised me, the last angel to be executed will be the uncle. Those that stayed out or was loyal to me will have a better place in their homes. But it’ll be ruled under a iron fist from that point forward.


I automatically read your comment in TFS Vegeta voice.

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It will affect some dialogues and fight scenes. And that’s all I can say for now :zipper_mouth_face:


How does that work if we keep using both at the same time to balance it out?