The Fallen Divine (WIP-Ch4 part 2 Update-06/30/2019)

Pretty sure we could destroy them with ease. We’re the rightful heir to the throne, might have to prove our strength or something, but they’ll get in line.

yea trueee but Sariel stated earlier that ruling by fear is a no no and thats the reason we went and got a champion…to lead the army

Actually no, as it is right now, we don’t have any skills with the mother’s blade or even an army. Sure, we might be able to kill several but we would absolutely get wrecked in the end. I’d rather take my time to hone my skills and build up the army’s strength if that would be possible.

A human army. Angels and demons are a different thing, and I doubt they’d take orders from a human, most likely our Aunts will deal with the angels and demons.

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Hey we could get Elves and Beastmen and Goblin too…no army of mine shall discriminate, but I mean mortals can kill immortals when equiped with the right stuff

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Yea I ask the author about honing our skills and said we won’t habve that option for a while

Yeah, but its really hard to do and unless you can get your entire army immortal killing weapons then I’ll leave that to angel and demons.

yeah true that. hmmm

Soooo… I’ve been gone for a long while, and considering how Chapter 2 ended, I kinda feel bad not being able to work on this much. That’s why I thought I’d give away some of the things that the next update will bring(the more spoilery stuff will be blurred, though those will just give an idea of what will unfold in the next chapter):

  • A customization scene.
  • A reference for characters in the stat page. Several new characters will be introduced in the next chapter, that’s why I thought it’s a good idea to finally work on a reference page.
  • The new characters mentioned above will have a ‘connection’ to your Heavenly lineage.
  • Choices that will allow the MC to spend time and learn more about the chosen Champion and Mage, Sariel, Linaria and Gladius(if he joined you).
  • The second RO will be formally introduced: the elected Head of the common Angels, Josaphat.
  • The reason for Ro Owa’s military strength will be revealed.
  • UNFORTUNATELY, the matter of the cliffhanger in the 2nd chapter won’t be revealed just yet. Though I have a scene in mind(from Levianna’s perspective) that can give an insight, though won’t reveal much, which I can include for the next update. Let me know if you guys prefer I keep it out of the story, or put it in!

Here’s the first scene of the 3rd Chapter:

Duhn da da duhnnn!

“Who’s Levianna?”

The question reaches your ears, and you’re about to reply but it reaches even further. To your bank of memories, back when everything was so simple. Your Aunt Levianna has been with you for as long as you can remember. It’s hard to believe that she’s been gone for more than a decade. Not having her around is still something you’re getting used to.

You remember her ever-smiling face that always seemed to hide something underneath. Usually mischief. And at times you swear that you can see cruelty and ruthlessness from her black eyes whenever they glow with a shock of violet. More often than not, she’s involved whenever you get an earful from your mother, and Levianna always conveniently disappears. Always.

She encouraged you to break the rules your parents set, but she never once put you at risk. The territorial boundaries of your home is the one thing Levianna respected. And as far as you know, it’s the only thing she and Sariel agreed on.

“Levianna is a Duchess of Hell who once commanded the Demons of Lust.” Sariel’s reply snaps you back to reality. “And she’s Gremory’s sister.”

if champion is Odom
“So, she’s family,” Odom says, his arms crossed in front of him. “Then that shouldn’t be a problem for us.”
if champion is Riva
“Then it’s possible that Emperor Gideon/Princess Linaria wrongly interpreted the message,” Riva says as she stands near the doorway of the room prepared for you, as if guarding it. “It could be that this Levianna does not intend to wage war on Ro Owa,” she offers further.
if champion is Sylvan
Ugh, lust,” Baptiste groans in disgust.

“If she’s the MC’s aunt, then there’s nothing to worry about,” Sylvan says. The young warrior is standing by the door, clearly uncomfortable being inside a room in the Imperial Palace. When no one responds to his words, Sylvan’s expression falls. “There’s nothing to worry about, right?”

Your Aunt Sariel shakes her head. “I do not know for certain.”

if mage is Kincaid
“Either way, we need to prepare,” Kincaid speaks up. He looks from Gladius(if allowed to stay) to your Champion. “I don’t know about you people but I have no idea how to kill a Demon, much less an army of them.”
if mage is Penny
“Lady Sariel,” Penny calls from her place on the longer couch in the middle of the room. You turn to her, as does Sariel. The mage’s face is filled with determination. “How many of my golems should be enough to defeat an army of Demons?”
if mage is Karh’kaz
“An army of Demons,” Karh’kaz mumbles absentmindedly, his feet dangling from the edge of the couch he’s sitting on. He nods as if pleased from a conclusion he’s drawn. “That’ll give me a lot of blood and parts after the fight.”

Sariel looks at your Mage for a long moment before finally speaking. “Levianna will not be bringing an army of Demons. Of that I am certain.”


I would still be interested into seeing Aunty Levianna’s perspective even if it doesn’t reveal much. Also, it would give her a bit of a character development and give us a chance to know her a bit on a personal level.

I’m really looking forward to what happens after the cliffhanger though. Makes me wonder what she’s been up to for the last 12 years with the MC being in a coma of some sorts.

Edited: Question in regards to the Chapter 3 sneak peek. Why is Baptiste disgusted with the demons of lust? Is it some sort of a inter-demon rivalry going on that we’re not aware of? Or is he just generally disgusted with the demons of lust?



Baptiste just doesn’t understand why Demons of Lust take pleasure in other beings’, well… lust. In the backstory, Baptiste also mentioned that ‘greed’ is ‘dull.’ This is because he thinks that the feeling of greed is pointless, that’s why he also has a low opinion of Demons of Greed.

But that’s not to say that he hates all Demons. There are those who he respects and those he doesn’t particularly care about.

More about Demons will be revealed in Sylvan and Baptiste’s scene in the next chapter :metal:


who was the First RO I forgot?

It’s Linaria, the Imperial Princess :v:


I really love this! I can kill everyone i like.:sunglasses:

I need my fix lol I can wait for the new update

Can’t wait… Need more… Now! :stuck_out_tongue:

Pls. Don’t add twist where aunt sariel will die protecting the mc, or I’ll die crying. I love her.:heart_eyes:
And also, can the halfling join the group in the future?


Is there a chance you will be able to recruit all 3 warriors and all 3 mages? I just really love all the characters and I want to have them all. Maybe I’m just greedy :sweat_smile:


No. You can only pick one of each three warriors and mages in this story. But you can always do a different playthrough picking a different warrior and mage every time since certain dynamics between them is pretty hilarious.


Like what @MichaelCrank said, you can’t recruit all three. But there will be a steady flow of recruitment of side characters (e.g. Gladius) throughout the story. I hope that helps appease the ‘greed’ :laughing: