The Fallen Divine (WIP-Ch4 part 2 Update-06/30/2019)

Odom shakes his head, putting down his weapons against the wall after a brief inspection. "Emperor Gideon’s Champion, the War Master, he doesn’t send them in skirmishes that’s why I’ve never seen them.

Mybae add an :“and” before that’s why I’ve never seen them, it looks a bit weird like that

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Ahhh that cliffhanger! I wanna see what happens!! :scream:

I found this very interesting! I’m glad you took the advice to keep the MC’s characteristics vague because…I did kind of put my features into the MC lol so I was surprised to find out the MC was blonde. However, it makes since the “non human” parts the MC has are from their father aside from the wings and I always play as female.

I thought it was nice that you also showed the champions point of view. It’s a nice change of pace since the focus is usually on “you” the mc/reader.

I was pleasantly surprised to that who you meet differs depending if you win or lose the royal battle.
And the way you ended the demo as of today, is quite a cliffhanger. I can’t help but think it’s a trap. Lol


While I also enjoy the vagueness of the MC’s appearance I am one of those people who like to make sure my character looks a certain way. And the description of our “Natural” form makes a mildly revolting image in my head.

Not saying it’s a bad description, but the visuals I give myself in regards to reading it are quite horrifying. I’m hoping we at least get a choice eventually to choose how we can make that side of ourselves look tbh.


There will be a customization scene in the next chapter of how you want to look in public and in a fight. Though there will still be scenes in the future which the MC will be forced to look a certain way in order to blend in. And the customization will only be limited to having or not having certain traits, since those are racial characteristics and it would be odd if the MC would deviate too much from what their kin looks like. I try to avoid that as much as possible.


I don’t know about that but I believe that depending on which heritage you rely on more…either angel or demon is how your appearance is perceived so if you do demonic stuff the way you look will equal your demonic stat same for the angel side this is just my theory though and I don’t know honestly what the author has plan but it sounded like this was what he trying to do atleast to me which I think is cool because It something a lot of authors don’t do let your stats portray as to who you really are so if I wanna be a monster than that’s how the people see me but if I want to be a righteous kind lord of the skies then I’ll have no problem going down that path cause that’s what the people see sorry for the rant I get distracted easily lol but yeah I think this is what the author has in store for us but I’m not :100:percent on that

The alignment stat is actually just something that keeps track of what the reader favors in using more, their angelic or their demonic abilities.

What they look like on the other hand is a balance of their parents. The MC got their facial features, their flawless skin and their wings from their mother. The horns and their claws that they got from their father are what balances things out. (The color of their wings is actually a not demonic trait :wink:)

The personality stats are something that would be mentioned by the other characters when they’re talking about the MC. Especially the MC’s companions.

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will we eventually be able to train our own abilities. (i.e. swordmanship or our angelic/demonic powers)? I know at the moment it does matter since we are just bullying humans and building a army, but later on I’m assuming we will have to fight angels and or demons or even other immortals.


I’m excited for this one it really made me want to keep reading make this 1.000.000 words in length no more no less I have spoken. :joy:


Maybe… but that won’t be for a long while. And not on this book.

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Not gonna lie. When I read the part about angel-demon hybrid, my time at 4chan made me skeptical, to say the least.

Having actually played it now…

That was surprisingly good. I honestly didn’t expect it to be this interesting. Keep it up mate this is cool.


Is Sylvan’s loyalty rating supposed to remain at 1 no matter what?

Quick question is there any romance in this?

Yes the Angel and Lina

It increases just like the rest and depends on the stats.

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1 thing I found a bit weird is that when recruiting your champion/mage there are options you can choose for why you want to recruit them and they can increase their loyalty. The thing is that whether the loyalty increases or not depends on your stat yet the dialogue remains exactly the same which makes it unclear whether you chose a good option or not

It was very fun, can’t wait to see where it will go from here

I thought the MC would like have fun before business

Really? I’ve tested this a number of times through different playthroughs, and I find that the dialogue immediately after recruitment does indeed change depending on the choice. Note that I always use the same MC over and over again.


gets to end of demo Nooooo I need more :sob: