The Fallen Divine (WIP-Ch4 part 1 Update-05/18/2019)

alright, then you’re both on the same level. :wink:

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Was this intended? The mc is actually male

I think I remembered that your claws were described as red in the beginning and then during recruiting your first champion it’s now black. (Was it just dark red when forming?)

Also, if you chose with Kincaid and baptiste the “I don’t doubt it” option, after the battle Kincaid and slyvan banter as if Kincaid didn’t believe that his sword can talk.

I intend it to be a dark red claw, something close to black, but there’s still a shade of red. I may have gotten weong somewhere…

Kincaid believes it at this point. Though the sight of Sylvan talking with someone who Kincaid can’t actually hear still weirds him out. And Kincaid is the type of person who will point that out.

No it isn’t.

Dang you’ve found a lot. I’m kind of embarrassed about that now :smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: I really appreciate the help!

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And I am almost done only one more champion to go

Is there a way for penny to win a fight?

Yes there is, it’s just a little more difficult for her compared to the others.

If Penny’s strength is the autonomous golem, you should let it form by itself for the second choice in the fight. If it’s the elemental(fire) golem, you should help it form.

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Also as a notice everyones first option in the coliseum fight depends on their first stat, except Riva her first option relies on the second stat

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Since we have the option to recruit a warrior mage as our first champion, am I the only one who when they find out they need a “Warrior and a mage” that wants to say “Okay, you’ll be my mage, let’s recruit the guy with the demon sword or special guy to be my warrior” then?

Huh, so the coliseum fight depends on stats. Funny, I choose to empower my champions in both ways, I mean, why wouldn’t I? Yet my champions have lost more than once on the various playthroughs.

So I thought it was a matter of good or bad choices. Like when my necromancer tries his soul hoodoo, it always failed. I figured trying soul hoodoo on the elementalist prodigy was just a bad choice.

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Not exactly the error has been fixed a few hours ago, and as someone mentioned the raltionship between champion and mage is of importance

The thing is… there was an error earlier for the necromancer. When you choose to strengthen both stats, one of his abilities gets the stat boost twice, instead of the two abilites getting boosted once like how it’s supposed to be. And it would make it impossible to win in the coliseum since I used a stat check of =50 and not >=50.

My bad, sorry about that :v:

And about chossing to power up both stats, it only guarantees a boost in reputation, not a win in the coliseum. Since the relationship between the champion and the mage plays a big role in that.

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Man, that would be a nice scene if they could all meet in the story :drooling_face:

Though you still need to recruit another mage… to uhh… further the plot.

Also, I’ll get an *error if we recruit two warriors :grin:

Man this is sick. Good work, the only thing I can critique is the MC’s age at the stasis point, feels a bit to young.

I really like this so far. It’s a great world, with a clear and exciting premise. And I really like all the side characters so far.

If I had to make a criticism…I don’t love all the perspective shifts. Especially in Ch. 2 I felt like I spent more time outside my character looking in.

It’s a minor thing though, and that feeling might go away as the story progresses.

If I try to choose either options after loading a save it won’t work. Works when I don’t save.

Well the confrontation with Hell will be interesting.

I hope there’s an option to ask why our favorite aunt declared war on us, and Sariel’s response to that.

Or at least it seems to me from the interaction we had with them that it was demon auntie who was probably the fun aunt.

And now I’m wondering if our 'Voice of God" trick works on demons as well as angels.

And explains why we don’t get a choice of which aunt stays with you, depending on which side of your heritage calls to you.

The first run through, I favored the angelic, so it made perfect sense for me to be left with the angel as a caretaker.

But in the second playthrough in which I favored the demonic, it was a surprise to me that again, we get left with the angel caretaker.

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To be fair, Levianna said she wouldn’t be a good mother. And that kind of makes me feel like she never wanted the responsibility in the first place, she just kind of got forced into the position by Gremory.

Although I don’t think she’s declaring war on us. If she did, she probably would had gotten the Demon Army and brought them to the Sanctuary while you were still asleep. I mean, if I were her, I’d do it while the half angel half demon is asleep and wouldn’t be waking up for a while. If anything, she’s probably bringing the army to you just to help you conquer the human cities like Ro Owa so you could conscript every able bodied human in your army so you can declare war on both Heaven and Hell.


Yes, but since our character is an adult after waking up from their 12 year coma, there wasn’t really a lot of mothering going on there.

Maybe we got watered like a plant every now and again. :slight_smile:


According to Babtiste, the demon inside of sylvans sword: Demons need the permission of the absolute ruler of hell, to actually leave it
Which why I am wondering what kind of army she meant

@DzHonest can you enlighten us?