The Fallen Divine (WIP-Ch4 part 1 Update-05/18/2019)

i’m absolutely in love with this story. the characters are intriguing, the lore is well-thought out, and i can honestly say that i feel our choices have an actual impact on the narrative. like i said, i love it. keep up the amazing work!

p.s. i’m literally??? so gay for jojo. boy has me in pieces

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Jojo :joy:

Great update! Was worth the wait! :grin:That Levianna’s scene raises questions. So…her army are the undead?

Why did Celestiel has one though? Who appointed Sariel to be her guardian? Camael and Laylah? Was Celestiel not strong enough to stand on her own? Was there dissent to Celestiel as Lady of the heaven?

I wanted it to raise tons of questions :smiling_imp:

Only one is undead, the one who left.

Yes, it was Camael and Laylah who appointed her. There are several reasons as to why, the most important of them I can’t tell :zipper_mouth_face:

But the other reasons are:

  1. Her soul and light(that’s the measure of an Angel’s strength) is just as strong as Celestiel’s.
  2. She’s an Archangel. Only Archangels can be Guardians to the Lord/Lady. This is because they have no “true” responsibility. They only find roles from within the other Orders which suit them best, thus, they have no actual obligation within their own Order.
  3. To put it simply, they’re close friends. But in Heaven’s definition: “They studied and trained under the same Virtue(teacher of the Angels), and have formed a special bond in a span of centuries.” This is also why Sariel can appear immediately if Celestiel called to her. This passed on(though only partially since there’s a ritual to fully achieve this) to the MC since Celestiel’s essence and light was imbued in them.

Sadly, the most important reason will not be revealed in the first part of the story…



I heard it’s a thing, so, yeah…

It’s not fancy though. And it’s my first time doing it, so be gentle… Anyway, if you guys have questions about the story, characters, lore or just want to probe me for information I can’t possibly share, then don’t hesitate to drop by!


Something is wrong with the choice I picked the other one as well but it still stopped and said the same thing?

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The choices were fine when I played it from the beginning. I think the problem is with dashingdon. If you happen to load a saved game, the stats from your previous game remains the same and doesn’t load with the story. So after several more choice, the stats build up eventually, more than what is possible from the game’s codes.

I’m not sure exactly how or when this happens, but there are several instances from other WIPs that this happened to me. Sometimes it gives you more power, sometimes it screws you over.

oh got ya! Thanks

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that Update is Gold!!! :hugs: its SOO goood!

lot of He instead of she…

Lilith still has his head in his gripstrong text


Damn it!!! A new chapter and shadow of doubt already surround both of MC’s aunts. I hope my MC can become powerful enough to eliminate those (highly probable) traitors.


I regret not playing this demo sooner!!! This is really good. Keep up good work, author!!! More scene with Linaria pls. :heart_eyes:

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Does anyone know what influences starting loyalty? I was able get Riva and Goblin to 3 and 4 together, but Riva and Penny ended up being 2 and 3?

It depends on what you say to them really.

For example, you can get one loyalty with Riva when you first meet her and say that she wants to be an exalted leader.

And another if your champion and mage wins the arena fight, you can also get one more loyalty if you praise them.


I love the update, and a nice pun for aldis name:
He is Ro Owa’s finest general and his name is cantwell
Can’t well, love the pun

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So… many… words… I love it. Sylvan and that there goblin with the apostrophe in his name best pairing since Sasunaru if I have anything to say about it… (I don’t really) but imma ship it anyway.

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This game = best game I have played in the last 30 minutes.


Is there a way for me to win without choosing the Goblin as my mage?

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if you mean the tournament match any of the ones you pick can win its down to the dialogue choices you make for your two champions before the match begins just save it before the dialogue choices and try out the different choices one will lead to a victory just gotta find it :slight_smile:

I didn’t know that the dialogue options had an effect.

i found out they have an effect when i did two playthroughs with the golem mage i forgot her name but to win with her you have to give her confidence in the dialogue options