The Fallen Divine (WIP-Ch4 part 1 Update-05/18/2019)

Why do we have demonic appearance? Cant we be more angelic?

How I imagine my MC, Illidan Stormrage.


this is an amazing book. I love how we get to choose our alignment and companions.

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This is the WIP with the angel-demon hybrid thing, right?

Chapter 3 is out!

But sadly, the individual scenes for the Champions and the Mages aren’t live yet. I didn’t like how the two of them turned out, so I still need to work on it. Sorry about that :sweat:

Still, the chapter can stand alone without those individual scenes so it’s pretty much okay.

I also decided to cut Gladius’ scene out of Chapter 3, and save it for the next one.

Well, that’s it for now!


Thanks for your hard work. I’ve been waiting for this. Cant wait to read your work.

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Btw i think i found a small mistake.
The “you’re gaze on him” should be your gaze on him right?
Scene : odom ( at the start of the mage search)


I love the demo so much :heart_eyes: .

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Flap ma wings Flap ma wings!!!

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breathing intensifies

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Chapter 3 is awesome. Cant wait to know what that halfling is able to do, i was hoping that she is one of our companion (i just know she is a capable fighter). Just finish trying all possible combination of the champion and the mage, and i have to say i love riva and kincaid combinations.


Ah, the Halfling, she just loves to pop up in significant moments :grin:

I have to say that-- while there are few of them for now-- I love writing the conversations between the companions. It’ll be fun and a bit chaotic once the rest are introduced.


This was a amazing chapter I can’t wait for the next chapter and to find out if I shot myself in the foot by letting that one angel go back to heaven.

Probably, probably not. Thing is that the angel is the second RO that you meet in this story so far, the first one being Linaria. Although I’m pretty sure any RO thing won’t be happening for a while either.

I find Sariel extremely irritating now, MC can’t seem to make a choice without looking at her for approval.


to be fair the mc may look grown but you gotta remember he was in a coma sort of for a decade so and the only person/family he has left is sariel who is now like a parental figure in his life of course the mc is gonna seek her advice not to mention he has limited knowledge of anything in the mortal world where as sariel has heaps of knowledge and experience of the mortals and there world so you cant blame th mc im sure alot of people in that situation would look for advice from there closest family member who has more experience and knowledge than you about what your dealing with


I just feel like MC should be able to make decision without getting those looks from her…

ok i get your point but you gotta remember this is sorta new to sariel obviously shes done this before as the mcs mothers second but now shes dealing with her best friend/leaders kid not only is she trying to help him from a professional but she also is trying to help her friends kid get through this and her faces towards the demon stuff is cause shes never dealt with demon stuff all her life theyve been the enemies so when the mc does something demonic or realated to the demons of course shes gonna pull a face


Maybe I can give some form of enlightenment to this conversation :grin:

Sariel really only cares about one thing. The MC’s safety.

She was entrusted to be Celestiel’s Guardian when the MC’s mother became the ruler. Very few were ever given this honor. Most rulers of Heaven didn’t even have a Guardian because they think they are not at all necessary. Camael and Laylah for instance, didn’t have theirs. And for Sariel to be given this important role, only for her to be forced to abandon her charge, it broke her more than she lets on.

The MC was asleep for an entire decade, they don’t know how Sariel handled it.


Oh…that makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up :smiley:

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