The Fallen Divine (WIP-Ch3 Sneak Peek on post 249)



Same thing. If the alignment is balanced, dialogues will mention it as such.


This is great!


When was the last update?


Pretty good. Nice style.


I love the demo. Hope you can finish it soon


The last update was months ago :grimacing: But I’m quite sure I can get the next update out by the last week of November at the earliest, or the first week of December if things don’t go as planned(which I’m so bad at).


Thats great. Btw i have no problem with the demo except in the begining it was a bit hard to follow the story. But i love how you make each potential champion and mage have a very different characteristic. Sorry for bad english :sweat_smile:


Thanks! It’s been my intention from the very beginning that there will be a group of main recruitable companions(champion and mage, so far) with differing skillsets, backgrounds and characteristics. The interactions of the main companions will also be different with every combinations.


Hi, could you tell us something about the future colleagues of the MC: like the professions or distinctive features. Thank you


I can’t tell what their roles would be since it would be spoilery. But I can tell the trio of choices for each of them:

The next main companion: a male beastman(my favorite animal so I had to put it in :sweat_smile:), a human female puppeteer, and a female whose race she prefers to keep hidden.
The next main companion after that: a human male with a companion of his own, a female human who hails from a distant barbarian tribe, and female aquanid twins.
And the last main companion for the first book are all immortals. Two females and a male.


So we can get 3 out of six new companion and one of them is freaking immortal? Wow so the mc will have a total of 5 main companion. And you just said first book. Can you tell us how many book this will be, because for me myself i like these long series type.


It will take three to finish the MC’s storyline. That’s all I’ll say about it :zipper_mouth_face:


I’m calling it now, MC has multiple kids with an immortal (or multiple beings if your into that) and we continue the story as one of the children who are trying to maintain what their parent created…5 years from now I want credit for predicting the future. :slight_smile:


They are 5 immortal companions (I suppose for something that the MC did) but they are not ROs.

Except if that changes or the ROs are also immortal


My statement still stands…


Well you’ve earned my purchase whenever this comes out! Looking forward to it !!