The Fallen Divine (WIP-Ch3 Champion side stories Complete - POLL ON 352 & SNEAK PEEK on 354)


Will there be scenes where we can choose wether the mc looks like a human or not?


typos and some bug i think

don’t know if this a bug or not

and when i check my stat in chapter 2 in the scene where i fight with ogre and where i say failure is not an option it takes me back to the beginning of chapter 2, it’s not permanent though

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Yes there will be. The seals that were introduced in the second chapter, will come into play for a customization scene.



But would that weaken us? If not ill stick with my horns and claw.



Dashingdon does this sometimes, as a result your stats will be preserved, thus explaining the 100% relationship

I just noticed that Lina is a RO, lookingforward to it

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My mc is female

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Who is her? Or do you mean here?

Lina tells the mc the mages name on the next page though



No it won’t. There’s going to be two customization parts, the one you’ll look like in public, and the one you want to look like during fight scenes.

But there would still be scenes where you need to blend in…



I wonder, can the mc call levianna, like their father?



The MC can, but will she appear? No. Can she hear the MC? No, at least not yet. Because she chooses not to. Sariel is connected to the MC through loyalty, Levianna is more complicated. You’ll just have to wait and see :grin:

And I have to say that the call is something that even Sariel can ignore if she wants to. But not that she ever will because of her protectiveness.



Can you spill se beans about Lina?



Lina? What about her?



Am I the only one who thinks that a romance with an angel or demon would have a serious power difference, more than the humans, being the heir to Heaven and Hell?

Humans are irrational, like the royalty, we could tell the god-thing to piss off. But the angels and demons have to look at the long game, you can’t tell someone no, that can make you kneels savior-style, right?

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Wether she is easily flustered or anything about her



the possibilities for an angel romance would be so angsty and conflicted tho…i love it :joy:

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That’s why I didn’t want to put in ROs in the first place. The MC is at war against Heaven, yet one of the first ROs is an Angel. Complicated would be an understatement. I think I just dug my own grave.

Well… Linaria is no good with weapons and magic. She’s kind and compassionate, and she believes in Ro Owa’s blah blah to blah blah blah… can’t say, sorry :grin: One thing I can say that will not reveal too much, is that she’s a big reader of the myths. Like the Angels, Demons, Incarnates, Beasts, etc.



Don’t worry about it, if you don’t point it out I’m sure nobody else will. Also if you need a coffin, PM me, and I can get you the hook-up.

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So I just read your little demo. And holy cow. I absolutely loved this.

I don’t usually love things this much, but the entire concept of it has me eagerly waiting to read more!

Do you ever plan on having more added into your preview? Because I seriously want to keep reading :sweat_smile:



Yes I do! I’ve already started on chapter 3, though I don’t know how long it will take me to finish it(since school already started here, bummer).



I was just hoping to see more of this sooner rather than later because I am quite the impatient sort!

I look forward to seeing what happens in Chapter 3!

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