The Fallen Divine (WIP-Alpha Update 12/19/21)

Oh wow! looks at calendar its only been 2 months not a yeaaaar, you liar~! :hugs:


Got this after talking to the wraith then I get this a little bit later on

Thanks for pointing it out.

Fixed it already.


update was nice cant wait for the war to happen :imp: :smiling_imp:


The fam is back together and everybody is gonna catch hands…everybody.


So demons have a sin, eh?

Does that mean the MC will get to choose a sin, or is that set as pride?


ayyy, we got aunty levianna back on our side now, nice!


Nice story, love the different options for companions.

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I think the trick is creating a bond between the champion and the mage. If they hate each others then the champion wont help the mage during the fight or will attack the mage which result in you will lose. The reaction of the mage in the first meeting, and the champion during the waiting room will effect the result.


That’s very accurate.

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Like how the MC is a Seraphim because of their mother, they are also a Demon of Pride because of Gremory. But that can be changed like Levianna’s Pride was surpassed by Lust, and aside from Pride, there will be eight others to choose from. But this will not happen in the first book.


1st of all i got to say loved the recent update , looking forward to your official release!
But i also got a question if You dont mind answering , can mc keep using both demonic and angelic powers without any reduced strength or a problem in stat check or will we have to choose one dominant over the other?


I have no plans of throwing the MC’s powers from their two heritages out of balance, so there’s nothing to worry about the angelic or demonic stat being higher than the other. That was just a way for readers to keep track of how they use their abilities, it was a request made by earlier readers of the game.

Maybe there will be some text variations based on those stats, but there will be no stat checks.


Demon: hey honest do you want to go to hell we make good steak
Angel: don’t listen to that demon go to heaven we make good vegan hamburger


Can I transfer my sword into a scythe?

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That’s a negative. The MC’s inherited sword remains a sword in the entire Fallen Divine(first book).


June 22, 2021

First off, I’ve put up a changelog in the main post above so everyone can see the game’s progress. There won’t be a post like this everytime the alpha of the game gets updated since I could be making changes frequently and that might get repetitive and annoying fast. Bug fixes and edits do not warrant their own separate posts.

So, if you’ve already checked out the changelog 697 posts up yonder, then you already know the progress I’ve made with the story. To not make this update any longer than it needs to be, what Chapter 6 basically has right now are the scenes that I’ve already got in order, and so far, that’s just one half of the first part of the chapter. Because there needs to be many moving parts since this is what the first five chapters have been leading up to.

While I have many other scenes written down, Chapter 6 is still far from done. That’s why I need to untangle my brain that was messed up by this chaotic chapter and get back to work.

Take care of yourselves, and wherever you are, have a great day, night and everything in between!


Is that normal?

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I think so yes, it is a stylistic approach to us not being able to understand what is said just because of the nature of the information, I think:)


Yeah you’re good.

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