The Fallen Divine (WIP-Alpha Update 12/19/21)

I wonder if that would work well since by the next book the plot will have progressed up a notch so the ROs might feel under-developed compared to established ROs of the first book.


I found two errors, in the first one it says “taking odom to your side” it should say Riva because i choosed her, in the second error it says $!as_name}’s instead of the name of the assasin (idk if this happen with all of them but it happens if you choose the one with the rings).

I have decided." Riva looks up at you. “I will be your Champion.”

You manage hold back a sigh of relief. Your Aunt Sariel offered to take care of the rest of the Ro Owan Army, and left the responsibility of taking Odom to your side on you— something you prefer she did herself.

You hold your breath when $!as_name}’s mouth opens, her brows furrowed. She starts to breathe once more, and she starts to scream soon after. She’s still alive and her heartbeat has improved, but there is still a gaping hole in his stomach. “We need to get them to the Sanctuary,” you say, more to yourself than the others. As Edmund and the other monk make certain that your order is fulfilled, you turn back and call for your aunt. “Sariel!”

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How long and large is the the large tail?? Is it like freza’s tail?? Are they all long like freza’s tail?? I’m a little confused on the tails


Honestly, I can’t really say if it would work.

But regarding the progression of the romance in the first book versus the later introduction of new ROs in the next one, I really don’t think any single one will be left behind. Mainly because this was a story that originally did not have romance. They were added later on. I’m basically squeezing romance routes in an already condensed storyline. While I don’t regret making the change, it is still a difficult change to make work.

So the easiest solution for me was to just let the romance take a back seat. Some may see this as lazy, but I really don’t want to deviate too much from what I want this series to be.

There will be progression for the relationship of the MC and Josaphat or Linaria, but not that much that the future ROs, when compared, will feel underdeveloped. At least, that’s what my vision is.

So that I won’t worry too much about all this, the reassurance I always tell myself is that: ‘in real life, we don’t meet all the people we have the possibility of being attracted to, physically or emotionally, in such a short timespan’.

Yes, I’m hyping myself up with reality even though this is a fantasy story :metal:

But rest easy that I’m doing my bestest to give the ROs justice.

However long or large you want it to be. I provided details for the customization, but it’s up to the readers to bring it to life using the power of…

[insert spongebob imagination meme here]


Are our champions and mages ROs?

Nope, just Josaphat and Linaria in this book
No romancing the champions.


May 20 Update

Chapter 5 is up!

This is the last chapter of the public demo. But future updates for previous chapters will still be applied for the demo, like the rewrite for part of chapter 2, and more content for chapter 3.

Enjoy the update!


Will old saves work or do we have to start fresh? And thx for an update

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I believe if you’ve played the rewrites for the prologue and chapter 1, then the saves from that point on should work. I’m not sure for older saves though.


Yeah was referring to those rewrites thx

I really just wanted to attack or kill Levianna, she caused so many issues to just walk away scott free

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No option to be called by mc name only in the rewrites ?
“Your Radiance” became fast boring to me …


I’ll keep that in mind and try to lessen that in the future as much as possible.

But even before I decided to do the rewrites, I realized that I need to set a boundary between the companions and the MC at this point in the story. Unlike with Sariel, there is no familiarity between the MC and the other characters. And I wanted to build that slowly as the story progresses as opposed to being familiar from the moment the main companions become allied with the MC. It just didn’t feel right to me. I needed to emphasize that the relationship between them is master and servant, and the bond that breaks the barrier is not achieved overnight.


I can’t wait for the full release of the game and I like the idea that the relationship between the mc and the other characters progressed more slowly, I like it and keep up the good work


ooh, that’s nice
As much as I love found family trope, I guess It would be weird if mc just start being all familiar right off the bats. :sweat_smile: It feels more rewarding too if it got to the point where they all close to each other.


Still very much enjoy the game :fire::fire::fire:but it seems you have made the battle with the beastman and mage impossible to win, I’ve tried every combination(except for the goblin, don’t want it in my team) but I keep losing :sob::sob::sob:


Wait- which battle? :sweat_smile: the one that the King invites your champions to participate in?


How many wings do i have sometimes it say i have six and another playthrough it says I have three

three??? how would that work lmao xD The MC has 6 wings, so I think it meant three on each side then?

Yep that’s the one, I can’t seem to defeat the king’s champion but before the update, I was able to do it with any combination of champion I choose.