The Fallen Divine (WIP-Alpha Update 12/19/21)

Make sure they get along during their first meeting, then during the fight, choose to go for their strengthened skills. It would be better if you use the same skills. This goes for all combinations.

That’s the only increase in the story so far.

Oh, that’s very much intended.

People that do not serve the MC directly might call them differently. Like how Ro Owans might at times call the MC by their country’s address towards nobility.

For the tail, I haven’t gotten to that yet since the tails are new to the rewrite. As for the armor, since it has something to do with using Heaven’s light, I’m not sure if I want to do it now or sometime in the future.

That part of chapter 2 is going to be rewritten as well. The reason why the MC said that is to avoid confrontation hoping that perhaps the knights would turn back and leave Penny alone.


Definitely not. But everyone might just be subjected to a lot of waiting.


Oh that’s something I can’t wait for I enjoyed to playing as a demon I tried to be As evil as possible to push the demonic stats a bit

And I have to say it’s an interesting construct so far :slight_smile:

i May found 1logical mistake (Odom Is my Champion)

Once the Champion of the Mc Learned that this whole thing was a bait to lure out the Army and take them away from the Capital city he says… well lets have a feast our leader is fine As well as The capital city we Know that an army is coming but hey we have plenty of time and by the way i dont think its nececary to warn Anyone because … i dont know but hey i dont care

is he really that irresponsebil? he is the Comander Of an Army he have Every soldier in the Field so no one can defend and he just said ahhhh we have plenty of time we dont need to act even after we learn this was just a bait.

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Like he said in that scene, it’s confidence. Too much confidence, in fact, in both himself and the MC. They didn’t know what was happening in the capital, and they were very much ahead of time from what they do know. I honestly think one night of freedom(not exactly revelry) is justified after an absolute victory before they have to march back to another fight.


yeah sure but i think hes a bit Carless because it took persuation to send Warning via curier its a somehow sad that your aunt is going to betray you

this could be just my imagination but consindering the circumstances … my guess is that this is coming next

Odom v.s Mage

and the Half elf against the warrior ( i boosted both abilitys for my followers)

Every possible combination works though.

Can the poison tail be utilized in battle?

I love to ask this question are you being betrayed by succubus auntie because I barely believe that I think she being mind-controlled it’s too hard to feel the pain the family member like that would betray you

The author’s reply to a similar question.

Which champion do you think is the best commander? Riva or Odom? I don’t think sylvan can be considered considering his background unfortunately

I like Riva more than Odom.

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Depends on what type of champion you like, if you prefer heavy hitter or tank odom is your choice, riva is a finesse fighter and tactician while sylvan is a berserker and somewhat of a wildcard


I think they all bring something to the table, sylvan’s unexperienced as a battle strategy but he has baptiste and his lack of teachings actually helps him for unorthadoxed approaches because his perception of battle isn’t focused or limited on taught tactics.


It’s been a while since I posted the poll for the Champions. This time, I wanna know which of the Mages you guys like most :sparkles:

  • Kincaid, because of his personality
  • Kincaid, because of his skillset
  • Penny, because of her personality
  • Penny, because of her skillset
  • Karh’kaz, because of his personality
  • Karh’kaz, because of his skillset

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Is there any RO’s in here or is it just allies?

The author can correct me, but from what I know Josaphat and Linaria are the two ROs.


Yup, they’re ROs.

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And here I was expecting to romance the Champion whomever they are.

I think considering that there’s 3 different Champions, 3 different Mages and 3 different assassins, it wouldn’t have been realistic to make them all romanceable considering players won’t even meet 2/3 of these characters. And we’ll have 5 other companions, so that would mean writing 24 romances only for people not to even meet 16 of the characters in a playthrough.

The author did say more ROs would be introduced in the next book.