The Fallen Divine (WIP-Alpha Update 11/25/21)

Nod Nod Please continue, im enjoying this.

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I’m following this. This story definitely has some replayability even if there’s only the prologue and the first chapter.


My new favourite wip! Who are the ro’s?


Now this, this I really like. One minor spelling error I noticed though, “themselves” was spelled as “themelves”. Beautiful work regardless, I will be following this one closely.

Fixed it.

My bad. I wasn’t aware that I needed to put something in the files myself.


In my mind, how the MC looks like will always be more similar to Angels since even the Demon race were once Angels. I’m not going to pretend that I’m knowledgeable about genetics :smiley: but I’m thinking that the Demons will still have the genes of the Angels making those genes dominant in nature.

Although when the MC transforms into what they can actually look like(the mix of both), they will lean more on the Demonic side since those traits were evolutionary traits. If that makes any sense.


About ROs:

I’m not really sure if I will include those in the story. There are a few HG that still managed to tell a great story even without romance. And honestly, I’m not confident if I can write a compelling love story between the characters.

I’m hoping that The Fallen Divine will be a story about how the characters, coming from different places of the world(or just the Northlands, at least in this part of the story), can work together to help the MC.

And on top of that, there will be a sizable cast in the story. And writing romantic scenes for each one will be just… WOW!

Though I’m not saying that there won’t be any RO’s. Never say never. But what I can say is that I’ll be focusing more on building the first group of characters, and that there will be no romance in this first part.


For the part that Sariel explains about the Holy FIre:

I wanted to come out as an arrogant slip-up. Like: “Yeah, it’s in Heaven, a place where even we wouldn’t dare to step into. Unless we want to be mauled by those who want us dead in seconds. Good luck getting one!”

But yeah, when you look at it like that, it seems that she’s too trusting for her own good :smile:

Or is she? :sunglasses:


Fixed it.

My bad. I wasn’t aware that I needed to put something in myself.

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I dont think theres a saved game feature yet.

It actually works now, I just saved a game.
By the way is Sylvan straight? There was a line where he says a female MC looks attractive but for a male MC he only talks about his horns

Found a typo and an error;

Should be ‘You’re’

Not sure if me choosing to fight the othe army prior to picking Sylvan might have caused the error.

Beyond that, this is an interesting story and I like each prospective champion, especially the banter between Sylvan and Baptiste. Keep up the good work, @DzHonest

Another typo:
You half-expected for the power to be in two hues. A dark one one, and a light one. But there’s only the light.

well…trusting or not , Sariel has alot of experience so yeah , that’s why I was wondering why she let that slip .

Question! (spoilery like)


Why we getting a human can’t fly stuck to earth forever army , when we are fighting pigeon up there ? is it gonna be like neverwinter night mask of betrayer dream of storming heaven and hell with an army and clashing forces ? cose that would be awesooooooooooooooomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (and neverwinternight mask of betrayer teased us to no end and never gave us that route bummer)


:heart_eyes: I fell for this and can’t wait for what happens next


Fixed the error and the typos. Thanks for heads up!

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I can’t answer your question without spoiling the story. Though that would be way into the future since I’m planning for this to be at least a trilogy.

Also, the champion options being all humans is necessary for the plot and setting of the story. Though there will be non-Human options for the other “recruits”. :slightly_smiling_face:


ohhhhhhhh whatever come , I know it gonna be awesome! :hugs:


Well I love this game so i suppose no ro’s is ok :+1: crossing my fingers that it’s possilbe though!:smirk:


I’d add Angel/Demon stat, so that the game could be open to more choices, let’s say that in the beginning you can choose whether you want to have more angel or demon appearence and that could affect the choices like, “With my horns i can impale my enemy” and with more angel stat “With my angel touch i can make him/her fall asleep” or something like that. :slight_smile: Also, i enjoyed the demo, i think it will turn out to be a good game. :slight_smile: